India-Russia relations in 6G, cybersecurity and video analytics gain momentum

India and Russia have shared close ties for over 20 years with a declaration of strategic partnership. Both large and promising start-ups are driving innovation between the two countries in the near future to promote economic ties that are commensurate with political ties.

Artificial intelligence and cyber security

A recent report entitled “Through Trust and Partnerships-Toward New Cooperation Heights” noted that Russia and India plan to focus more on the creation of high-tech products. Among the priorities are the development of artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, and the pharmaceutical sector.

Work in this area is already underway and there have been some notable successes so far. For example, a private school in Chennai uses a Russian development called Promobot V.4 to teach service robots.

Oleg Kivokurtsev, Director of Development at Promobot, explains: This helps them create their own projects and develop them quickly. ”

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to move to remote working, dramatically increasing the number of data thefts and cyberattacks around the world. Earlier this year, Russian developer of cybersecurity systems Zecurion signed a partnership agreement with Indian IT distributor BD Software. The two companies plan to jointly develop a solution to prevent persistent and seriously damaging corporate fraud.

Digital transformation is one of Russia’s major priorities today, according to Lidia Kulik, head of research in India at the SKOLKOVO Emerging Markets Institute. She states: “… To create a secure digital space, Russia and India need to develop and coordinate security principles, especially with respect to cyber threats, as two independent IT markets.”

Video analysis and telecommunications

As part of Moscow’s “Safe City” hardware and software complex, video surveillance has been modernized with advanced video analytics. The new facial recognition system can read data from 125,000 cameras in the capital. A structural update to PARSIV, a gateway for police officers to connect to Moscow’s facial recognition system to find criminals, is also planned. Techniques have been developed to record criminal routes and movements using the system’s cameras. Innovation in the public security sector is not limited to Moscow. Discussions are underway to install new camera systems throughout the region and create a national video surveillance platform.

Previously, the West India Railroad commissioned a video camera with facial recognition as a major strategic move. The video analysis system, developed by the Russian company NtechLab, was installed at 30 railway stations on the railway section between Gujarat and Maharashtra in western India, including Mumbai.

Vasily Brovko, Director of Special Missions for Rosec State Corporation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NtechLab, said: And all the world’s leading IT leaders are trying to gain a foothold. ”

“But for both India and Russia, the technical independence of the market is a priority. The government does not want to be tied to a small number of vendors. Therefore, in addition to the exports of NtechLabsolutions, 5G and 6G We are ready to provide close cooperation to the Indian market within a wide range of technical projects, including the development of wireless communications. ”

Artem Kukarenko, founder of Ntefu Love, said: We do recognize the success of individual companies in the Indian market, but this does not reflect the great potential of greater cooperation. Therefore, progress in technical cooperation should certainly be admired and encouraged. ”

Tatiana Shaumyan, director of the Center for Indian Studies, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, said: “India and Russia have already established economic ties such as energy, metallurgy and space technology. As part of a joint development initiative, new opportunities are emerging in medicine, pharmaceuticals, IT and telecommunications today.”

India-Russia relations in 6G, cybersecurity and video analytics gain momentum

Source link India-Russia relations in 6G, cybersecurity and video analytics gain momentum

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