India Resumes Vaccine Mitri and Strengthens Initiative in November, Health News, ET Health World

File-In this January 21, 2021 file photo, an employee is packing a box containing a vial of Covishield, a version of the AstraZeneca vaccine, at the Serum Institute of India in Pune, India.

India will receive an excess of COVID-19 vaccine to fully resume vaccine mitries, an initiative to export vaccines to other countries that were suspended in April.

In the past week, India has told ET that it has vaccinated four countries, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Iran, each at Rs 100,000.

According to production figures analyzed by the Ministry of Health, the vaccine will be vaccinated at Rs 2.8 billion in October, which is Rs 200 million more than available in September. This includes approximately Rs 2.2 billion for Serum Institute of India’s Covaxin and Rs 600 million for Covaxin from Bharat Biotech.

This covers domestic requirements and is sufficient to save a dose of about 100-200 million rupees for supply to other countries, sources said.

In November, the government expects more than Rs 3 billion of vaccines to be available, which will help expand vaccine mitries.

“Domestic demand will be prioritized as we have a target of over 10 billion rupees this month,” a senior health ministry official told ET. “When the Minister announced the resumption of vaccine mitries, it was clearly stated that vaccine doses would be available in other countries during the quarter from October to December. Next month, Rupees 3 billion. We plan to expand Mighty’s initiative beyond. “

India announced the resumption of vaccine mitries on September 20, prior to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States.

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has sent a list of at least 25 countries requesting vaccines to Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya, sources said.

“India will prioritize neighboring countries,” a second senior government official told ET. “The reason is that we have a porous border with some countries and if the neighborhood is safe we ​​are safe.”

Vaccination is provided in Sri Lanka and Bhutan. Despite the change of power in Afghanistan, India is unlikely to change its stance of “keeping its neighbors safe,” officials said. “Afghanistan was one of the few countries to vaccinate in February and then through the Covax facility. If they now request us and have available doses, consider it. “I will,” he said. Vaccine Mitri is India’s foreign policy initiative, supplying Rs 664 million in vaccines to 95 countries from January to April. According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs data, Rs 107 million will be provided free of charge, Rs 358 million will be sold commercially, and the remaining Rs 198 million will be used by the World Health Organization to ensure fair access to Covid-19. Provided to the WHO) -led Covax initiative. Vaccines around the world.

The Vaccine Mitri was deployed on January 20, and within four days of the start of India’s public immune drive, it delivered 1.5 racks of vaccine to Bhutan and 1 rack of vaccine to the Maldives. However, during the second wave of the pandemic, India faced a shortage of Covid-19 vaccine and exports were suspended.

India Resumes Vaccine Mitri and Strengthens Initiative in November, Health News, ET Health World

Source link India Resumes Vaccine Mitri and Strengthens Initiative in November, Health News, ET Health World

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