India, Israel resume FTA negotiations in November

India and Israel will start a free trade agreement next month with the aim of having Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar hold a “very productive talk” with the Deputy Prime Minister on Monday and conclude a long-term agreement by June next year. Agreed to resume FTA) negotiations. Foreign Minister Yair Lapid.

After meeting with Rapid, Jaishankar said, “Authorities have actually agreed to resume free trade negotiations between India and Israel from November. We are confident that we can close the negotiations by June next year. “.

The FTA debate has been between the two sides for over a decade, but it is the first time that a clear deadline has been set, adding to the seriousness of the process.

Several announcements on this issue have been made by both sides over the years, but the agreement remains elusive.

“Today we had a very productive discussion with APM and FM @YairLapid. We talked about various regional and global issues. We agreed to resume FTA negotiations next month. In principle, Covid Agreed on mutual approval of vaccine certification, Yair Lapid later tweeted.

On his side, Rapid also emphasized that FTAs ​​will be “finalized as soon as possible” for the benefit of both the state and the business community.

“I look forward to deepening the friendship between the two countries,” he said, making India “one of our most important countries, not only a strategic partner but also a friend.” Said.

“We have long regarded India as an important ally,” Rapid said. India also brings new opportunities for cooperation.

The two Ministers also discussed further cooperation in the areas of water and agriculture.

“I have finished the meeting with Indian Foreign Minister @DrS Jaishankar and Energy Minister @KElharrar at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We have decided to renew negotiations on a free trade agreement and mutual approval of vaccine certificates between the two countries, Rapid tweeted.

He thanked his “friend” Jai Shankar for visiting Israel. This is a visit prior to an event to commemorate the 30th anniversary of bilateral relations between the two countries next year.

Israel has also joined the International Solar Alliance (ISA), a global initiative led by India, signed by Jaishankar and Israeli Energy Minister Karine Elharrar.

“First of all, it’s great to see Israel join the International Solar Alliance. I think you bring a lot of value to the table. As we get closer to COP26, it’s our growing agenda. And very important in the green. Roads, the green economy, Jaishankar said they welcome Israel as the latest member of the ISA.

“We understand that only global action will succeed in addressing the climate crisis that will secure the future for our children and our loved ones,” Elharrar said. Said after signing.

“By joining the ISA with more than 80 countries blessed with sunlight and advancing solar energy, Israel will contribute to the global fight against climate change, benefiting from it and making it more environmentally friendly. We can work together to drive solutions for a friendly future, “says Elharrar.

Rapid said Israel’s accession to the ISA would allow Tel Aviv to provide its knowledge and experience to the organization.

While Israeli former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended an ISA digital conference at the personal invitation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi last November, his country was in the quest for less carbon and less pollution in India. He said he was a partner.

The ISA, which uses the power of the sun to control pollution and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, is the initiative of Prime Minister Modi and is said to have already involved about 80 countries.

India and Israel have also agreed to mutually approve vaccination certificates to facilitate travel between the two countries in the COVID pandemic.

According to Rapid, Israel and India helped each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. “That’s the behavior of friends and partners.”

Jaishankar also visited Yad Vashem in honor of the Holocaust victims.

“We paid tribute to the Holocaust victims at @yadvashem. This monument is a testament to the spirit of human resilience and strengthens our determination to fight evil,” he tweeted.

Earlier in the day, Jaishankar unveiled a plaque of Bhudan Grove in the Jerusalem forest, and the relationship between India and Israel was lesser known before full-scale diplomatic relations were established between the two countries. I pulled out no side.

“The day began with the announcement of a shield commemorating the Buhudan Grove planted by Salvodaya workers in 1960. There are many aspects and many contributors to the relationship between India and Israel.” He tweeted.

Jaishankar, who visited the country for the first time on Sunday, also called on President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

He also holds meetings with key scholars and business community leaders across Israel to interact with the Jewish community in India.

Jaishankar also visits historically important places for India, demonstrating its long-term presence in the region and its constructive role in shaping the region’s history.

India and Israel strengthened bilateral relations to strategic partnerships when Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a historic visit to Israel in July 2017.

Since then, relations between the two countries have focused on expanding knowledge-based partnerships, including cooperation in innovation and research, including promoting the “Make in India” initiative, the Foreign Ministry said in his pre-departure statement. Stated.

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India, Israel resume FTA negotiations in November

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