India considering strategic stockpiling of gas and imported coal

Chennai: India is considering maintaining strategic reserves of natural gas and imported coal to cope with future supply shocks as energy-hungry countries fight a serious coal shortage, the Ministry of Power said. Said a senior official on Thursday.
Despite record supply from state-owned Coal India, the world’s largest coal miner, supply turmoil and the largest daily There has been a 14-hour power outage.
India’s electricity minister, Alok Kumar, said countries were increasingly first to meet their needs when supply was tight, supplying European countries as Russia wanted more gas locally. I gave an example of reducing.
At the South Asian Electricity Summit hosted by the Confederation of Indian Industry, Mr. Kumar said, “Thinking about maintaining a strategic stockpile of gas and imported coal so that the economy can survive these supply shocks for about a month. Let’s start the discussion. ” Of Indian industry.
Most of India’s 135 coal-fired power plants have less than three days of fuel stock. Coal accounts for more than 70% of India’s electricity generation.
India, the world’s second-largest coal importer with the world’s fourth-largest reserves, must also compete for supply with China, which is under pressure to increase imports in the midst of a serious electricity crisis. Hmm.
“Without a well-thought-out strategy, high prices would make energy security very difficult,” Kumar said.
It was not immediately clear whether the potential strategic stockpiles were primarily for power plants or to meet the demand for coal from consumers such as steel mills and aluminum smelters.
Before the coronavirus pandemic, India imported an average of about 21 million tonnes of steaming coal each month, of which the electricity sector directly accounted for about 6 million tonnes.
The country mainly imports coal from Indonesia, Australia and South Africa. Australia’s Carmichael mine, owned by Adani Enterprises of India, says it plans to export its first coal in 2021.

India considering strategic stockpiling of gas and imported coal

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