India achieves major milestone in “1 billion” vaccination

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India’s vaccination drive for the COVID pandemic began on January 16, 2021

As a historical achievement, the cumulative dose of COVID-19 vaccine given domestically has exceeded the milestone of 10 billion rupees.

In a tweet, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the country and thanked the country’s scientific community and medical professionals for their efforts to achieve this wonderful achievement. Federal Health Minister Dr. Mansuf Mandaviya also congratulated the country on achieving this milestone.

Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Singh, WHO Regional Director of Southeast Asia, congratulated the country as a landmark for vaccination, saying: This extraordinary feat in a short period of time would not have been possible without strong political leadership, inter-departmental convergence, the overall health and frontline workforce, and the dedicated efforts of the people themselves. India’s progress must be seen in the context of India’s commendable commitment and efforts to ensure that these life-saving vaccines are globally available. “

Dr. Krishna Ella, Chairman and Managing Director of Bharat Biotech, said: Bharat Biotech is proud to have contributed to this historic building. This is the unified effort of governments, vaccine manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and all vaccinated citizens of India, and is the true success story of Atmanil Balta. “

Stitraela, Jt. Bharat Biotech of MD said:

Regarding the completion of one billion vaccinations in India by Ashok Patel, founder and CEO of Max Ventilator, he said: Central government, health ministry, state government, millions of health workers, other front-line workers, and last but not least, such mass production, even in a limited amount of time. I would like to congratulate the companies that have been able to increase. A formidable challenge face. This is a proud moment for all of us, but the vaccine company that will be launched on this occasion will inspire other players in the Indian healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The future of medical care in India here seems very bright and promising. “

Dr. Shuchin Bajaj, Founder and Director of the Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals, shared his thoughts and said: And the range of drives was expanded to over the 1960s and over 45s with comorbidity on March 1st, all over 45 on April 1st, and already for everyone over 18 years old on May 1st. Mark 1 billion today at 9:47 am. We are very much looking forward to achieving the goals of all qualified Indians by the end of this year at this speed we have gained. We pay tribute to everyone, doctors and emergency medical personnel involved in this drive. Asya workers have traveled from village to village for this drive. This is a great achievement in India and is the number one vaccination with extensive experience in vaccination from polio to smallpox and now to COVID. Congratulations to the very encouraging news and everyone involved. I think the digital platform is by far the best in the world. You can get a QR-coded vaccination certificate minutes after you get the vaccination. Reservations can be obtained digitally. Handwritten certificates are also issued in the most developed countries of the Western Hemisphere. So I think this is a great achievement. We should all be very proud of the entire ecosystem that has been working on this. It’s a big milestone for us. “

Dr. Arneskumar, Pulmonologist and Senior Pulmonologist at Gurgaon, said: We have achieved this groundbreaking result. As of October 16, people over 28.28 chlores were fully vaccinated and 69.47 chlores were vaccinated at least once. This means that 74% of India’s adult population has been vaccinated at least once and 30% has been fully vaccinated. For countries facing early supply bottlenecks and vaccine hesitation, the 10 billion rupee milestone is a huge achievement in itself. Despite India’s pace of vaccination in the last three months, the future path is to fully vaccinate the entire adult population by the end of this year, which is difficult to achieve. It’s a lot of work and you need to administer a dose of at least 9 billion rupees between now and December 31st, in about the same amount as in the last 8 months, or a quarter of the time. The same amount was administered. “

When Rajiv Nath, MD, Hindustan Syringe & Medical Device & President, and AISNMA on India reached the 100 Chlore vaccination mark, he said: PM, especially his team at MoH & FW, India’s myriad healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, COVID-19 vaccine logistics providers, and everyone who worked to achieve this noble feat. I am happy to be able to take on a small part of the responsibility to provide the guns (syringes) needed to fire bullets (vaccines) for a large-scale vaccination campaign in India. We are humble and honored that India has contributed and supported the 1 billion COVID vaccine doses by October. We guarantee the government. We always prioritize domestic needs. The COVID-19 crisis indicates that the Indian syringe manufacturer sector may face challenges. Indian syringe manufacturers provide GoI with full cooperation and support, whatever it takes to manufacture syringes earlier than planned to ensure the success of India’s large-scale vaccination campaign. increase. “

TV Nardran, chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industry, said: This is a truly exciting achievement under the devoted leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The unwavering efforts and sacrifices of Indian researchers, doctors, healthcare professionals, management teams and police personnel are extraordinarily commendable. This historic mission will help guide the economy on a path of high growth and strengthen India’s role in global leadership. “

Sanjiv Bajaj, Chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industry, said: This is a significant and proud opportunity for all Indians, achieved under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I would like to congratulate all Corona warriors who have worked beyond their obligations to help the country effectively fight the pandemic. Indian industry is proud to have been part of this national mission to open many new perspectives to the country. “

Chandragit Banergie, Secretary of the Confederation of Indian Industrial Federation, said: This reflects our commitment to fight pandemics collectively and has established India as a leader in the global immune map. India has successfully led a global pandemic effort through multiple areas, including vaccine development, drug manufacturing and manufacturing of essential medical devices. Prime Minister Modi’s visionary leadership in vaccination efforts and the many economic reforms announced during this period will make India attractive to investment and facilitate its growth path. CII is proud to be part of this journey and thank the government for including Indian industry in the fight against the virus. “

Dr Prathap C Reddy, Chairman of the Apollo Hospitals Group, said: Overcoming the challenges of our country’s vast population, which is wide and long, is a result that all Indians can be proud of. With the hope and peace of mind of vaccine protection from illness, we look forward to returning to normal! Apollo Hospital, the largest privately vaccinated person, is committed to helping the government work to achieve its goal of vaccination of all eligible populations in India by December 2021.

India achieves major milestone in “1 billion” vaccination

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