Increasing number of Indian students in Italy: de Luca

Kolkata: Italy’s Ambassador to Vincenzo de Luca said on Monday that there are more Indian students in his country and that cultural exchanges will increase that number.

When he visited the city, he said that increasing cultural exchanges between major Indian institutions such as Rabindra Bharati University (RBU) in India and Indian institutions would increase the number of Italian students in India. Stated.


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“Currently there are 5,000 Indian students in Italy. There will be more in the future … there will be more student exchange programs between Indian and Italian universities,” deLuca told PTI. Moreover, the Italian government was about to launch an important project on the study of Italian Indian scholars.

“We work in this area. We have one of the best traditions of such research,” said the diplomat, the birthplace of the city’s Gourdev Rabindra Nath Tagore. I said it when I visited Jorasanko.

Students can prepare for a cultural exchange program by learning Italian, which the city’s consulate teaches as part of an initiative.

RBU Deputy Prime Minister Sabyasachi Bass Ray Choudhry, who attended the exchange, said the institute published Antonio Gramsci, a well-known thinker, politician and critic, as part of the MoU signed with the University of Naples. He said he translated the thing from Italian to Bengali.

De Luka said Rabindranath Tagore’s view is more important and relevant as countries face global challenges and need more cooperation.

“We now need more and more tagols. We must face global challenges. We must work together to increase cooperation and dialogue .. To combat challenges such as climate change, peace and security, to combat pandemics, “he said.

Mr. Tagore said he fulfilled his mission to meet different cultures around the world, which was reflected in his worldview and left a mark wherever he went.

In response to the question, diplomats said Tagore had visited Italy twice and was very popular in his country. “More and more students in Italy want to see his (Gourdev) work translated into Italian.”

The Italian Consulate General of Kolkata, Gianluca Rubagotti, accompanied Jorasanko’s Delca. Jorasanko is not only an ancestor of Tagore, but also has a museum named after him and is run by RBU.

Increasing number of Indian students in Italy: de Luca

Source link Increasing number of Indian students in Italy: de Luca

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