In memory of “bodyline” bowler Harold Larwood on the anniversary of his death

Haroldler Wood, a bodyline bowler, is remembered by many for his controversial cricket career. Rahwood played a major role in the 1932-33 ash controversy, which greatly obscured his cricket career. There is no doubt that Rahwood was the deadliest, fastest and most intimidating fast bowler of his time. Most people are aware of the ash bodyline controversy, but let’s take a look at some of the lesser-known facts about Rahwood on his anniversary.

Competent batter: In addition to being a ferocious pace bowler, Rahwood was also a talented batter. One of Rahwood’s best performances with willow took place in the final test match of Ash 1932-33 at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Rawood, who was promoted as a night watchman, was impressed with his temperament and courage. The British-born player recorded 98 runs. Rahwood’s 98-run knock was the highest score by the British Watchman until Alex Tudor scored 99 points in 1999.

First contract with Nottinghamshire: Rahwood kickstarted his cricket career at Nottigmasher when the county signed up for him. However, the terms of the contract were not ideal, and the wages were not high as Cyma earned only 32 shillings a week (INR22.07). In addition, sick leave and travel expenses were not paid to Rahwood.

Phil Mead’s hilarious comment: There is a hilarious story that accompanies the birth of Rahwood’s eldest daughter in June. Rahwood was playing against Hampshire at Trentbridge in June 1928, when he was informed of his daughter’s birth. The news arrived by telegram and the sailors read it while defending. When Nottinghamshire skipper Arthur Kerr rebuked Larwood for reading a message during the game, veterans were happy to announce that he had become the father of a baby girl.

The same caused a genocide on the field as he sent off Alexander Hosey, Luis Harfield, and Percy Raleigh with four balls, following Rahwood. Phil Mead, who returned undefeated to the pavilion at the age of 89, jokingly thanked God for not making Rahwood his twin father.

The tragic end of an international career: The controversial Bodyline series has attracted a lot of headlines, but it was Rahwood who faced the most results. After a horrifying experience with bodyline bowling, Australia threatened to cancel the next ash series in 1934. To calm the situation, Britain promised not to bowl the bodyline while skippers Douglas Jardine and Rahwood were scapegoats.

In addition, authorities have asked Rahwood to sign a letter of apology for bowling’s body line. The veteran refused to do so, so he could never play for England.

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In memory of “bodyline” bowler Harold Larwood on the anniversary of his death

Source link In memory of “bodyline” bowler Harold Larwood on the anniversary of his death

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