In a mass of asylum, Mayawati calls SP an “anti-Dalit” party

Saturday’s BSP supremo Mayawati said the party’s past records were its “anti-Dalit”, as some BJP leaders said they had transferred allegiance to the Samajwadi Party (SP) and worked for the Dalits and the lower classes. Tired of claiming to show an approach. Mayawati also revealed that instead of challenging the parliamentary elections, she would take the legislative council route if her party was voted in power.

At her birthday press conference, she announced the names of 53 BSP candidates in the constituency who are going to vote in the first phase of February 10.

“SP’s past records show that it has always taken an anti-Dalit approach,” Mayawati said.

She wanted to know why the soundtrack Bidasnagar was renamed Badhi shortly after the Achilles Yadaf-led party came to power in 2012.

“This was not due to anti-Dalit thinking,” she asked.

To give another example, she claimed that the SP broke a bill introduced to ensure Dalit promotion in government services. “The bill remains unresolved … does this reflect an anti-Dalit position?” She said.

The BSP Chief’s remarks will be made the day after Swami Prasad Maurya, a former Cabinet Minister and prominent OBC leader, joined the SP with another rebel Minister, Durham Sinsaini.

A significant number of MLAs from the BJP and Apna Dal (Sonelal) also joined the SP, claiming that the YogiAdityanath government ignored the interests of the Dalits and the younger class.

They also leveled a similar claim to Mayawati.

With several such asylums, including numerous MLAs from her own party, Mayawati emphasized strengthening asylum prevention laws.

Of the 19 MLAs who won BSP tickets in the 2017 Uttar Pradesh State Assembly vote, 13 have left the party.

“Given how some greedy politicians change parties during elections, such practices have a negative impact on democracy, so anti-deficiency laws need to be strengthened,” she said.

“Efforts are being made to leave the impression that I’m not going to fight,” said Mayawati about the potential candidates.

I have 4 Lok Sabha MPs, 3 Rajya Sabha MPs, and 2 MLAs and MLCs. Until BSP founder Kanshi Ram was qualified, he was in charge of all elections and I challenged the polls. But after his death, the party was responsible for me. ”

Mayawati was an MLC, even when he was leading the state’s BSP government in 2007.

Mayawati said the BSP would bring a similar surprise to 2007, laughing at the statement that the party would be removed from the race.

Mayawati said he continued to oppose the SP administration from 2012 to 2017 and benefited from the Islamic vote, but denied proper representation of the community and the distribution of tickets in the government.

She also claimed that joint riots were regular during the SP rules.

In a mass of asylum, Mayawati calls SP an “anti-Dalit” party

Source link In a mass of asylum, Mayawati calls SP an “anti-Dalit” party

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