Imran Khan’s controversial comments linking temptation to women’s clothing have been widely criticized.

Islamabad: Pakistan’s angry female opposition lawmaker has criticized Imran Khan for issuing a controversial statement about women’s clothing amid rising rape cases in the country.
In a recent interview, Mr Kahn was asked if he thought what women were wearing would affect the temptations that led to rape, the prime minister replied. To men unless they are robots. I mean it’s common sense. ”
Apparently surprised by Khan’s reaction, interviewer Jonathan Swan paraphrased his question, “But does it really cause acts of sexual violence?”
While maintaining his stance, a 68-year-old flashy cricket player who turned from a politician to a politician elaborated, “It depends on what society you live in.”
He added: “If people have never seen such a thing in society, it will have an impact. [on them].. Growing up in a society like you, maybe it won’t affect you. This cultural imperialism … whatever is in our culture must be accepted by everyone else. ”
Criticizing Khan’s controversial remarks, opposition Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Senator Sherry Rehman said, “Whether it’s our law or our religion, the respect of women sees it. It is very clear that we are responsible. We blame women and their dress for violence, rape and crime against women. We were shocked that our Prime Minister was doing this. ”
“IK is [Imran Khan] By saying that women should be dressed in certain ways, he does not know that he is giving oppressors and criminals against women a new story to justify their actions. It is not justified for the Prime Minister to speak this way. It is very irresponsible and criticized. ”
Sindh Women’s Development Minister Shera Raza said Khan should focus on the problems facing the country rather than “keep an eye on women.”
The state minister said he shouldn’t have said this while Khan was sitting in the country’s prime minister’s seat, the Dawn newspaper reported.
“The world has gained insight into the idea of ​​sick, misogynistic, degenerated, abandoned IK. It is not the choice of women that leads to sexual assault, but the engagement of this sneaky and sneaky crime. Is the choice of men to choose, “said Mariam Aurangzeb, Pakistan Muslim League-(Nawaz) spokesman, in a tweet.
“Perhaps misogynists, degenerates, can protect pedophiles and murderers as they defend rape criminals. Not all men can be expected to control temptation. For reference. He is degenerate. Self-control is a small thing that Aller puts a big premium on, “she added.
Distressed by an angry reaction to Khan’s controversial comments, the ruling Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) defended a prominent party female leader to defend the prime minister.
Climate change minister Zartaj Gul and PTI lawmakers Maleeka Ali Bokhari and Kanwal Shauzab held a press conference on Tuesday informing everyone that they had misunderstood Khan’s comments.
The PTI-led government mobilized women for the first time in Pakistan, she was reportedly told by GeoNews.
“Women like me have become members of parliament from tribal areas,” she said, adding that for the first time there are five women in the cabinet.
She described Kahn as “a symbol of women’s empowerment.”
“We are strong women and have been strengthened by leader Imran Khan,” said Bohari.
She said she believes that if you are among those who are “fighting” to the Prime Minister’s remarks in his interview, you “disagree with Allah’s orders.”
She went on to say that Prime Minister Khan explained Allah’s orders regarding women.
During an HBO interview, Kahn was also asked about his previous comments on temptation, women’s attire, men’s “willpower”, and how they were accused of rape victims.
Kahn wiped it out as a nonsense and said the concept of Purdah was to avoid the temptation of society.
“There are no discos or nightclubs here, so this is a completely different society and way of life. So if you raise the temptation of society to some extent and all these young men have nowhere to go, it will affect society. “.
According to official statistics reported by the Pakistani media, at least 11 rape cases are reported daily in Pakistan, and more than 22,000 rape cases have been reported to police across the country in the last six years.
However, only 77 people were convicted, accounting for 0.3% of the total, The News International reported last November.

Imran Khan’s controversial comments linking temptation to women’s clothing have been widely criticized.

Source link Imran Khan’s controversial comments linking temptation to women’s clothing have been widely criticized.

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