Immigrant workers paying close attention to the interests of the election

Immigrant workers are currently receiving a lot of attention in West Bengal about the benefits of elections. The political “Dadas” offers these workers full-cost paid home-visit trips and struggles to get their maximum back home. In return, workers have to press certain EVM buttons as their Dada wants.

Resident Maidur said, “This” free “home visit is too good for a day or two, as the agent bears all the costs. In addition, they negotiate with their employers to secure vacations. There is no risk of unemployment. ” Daily salary at Raiganj and Delhi shoe factories in Bengal’s North Dinner Zipul district. “We definitely vote as our agents want. He supports us. It’s too immoral to betray him,” Maidul reveals his own understanding.

Maidul is one of the thousands of people in the districts such as Malda, Murshidabad, Coochbehar and South Dinajpore. Without official statistics, an estimated 10 Rakı daily wage earners from these districts of West Bengal work in different parts of North, West, or South India. Many of the members of Parliament in northern Bengal have a very large number of these workers as voters.

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  • As the system progresses, agents, those who organize workers in rural workplaces, are arranging this return trip for those under their own control. In contrast, they are properly paid by political parties. Tracking and negotiating with these agents is an important “election” task for party leaders.

    But what is the cause of this large labor outflow from Bengal? As carpenter Cilajour said, “Here you get 350 rupees a day, and in Kerala you get more than 700 rupees. Living costs are not too high.” It’s almost the same at the cloth factory.

    “Increased poverty, low academic standards, unemployment and low demand for Bengal workers are key factors behind this outflow of workforce,” said social worker Arup Guha. According to a survey, Kerala spends more than Rs 17,500 a year to pay those who earn a daily salary for migratory birds. A significant portion of this goes to workers from Bengal.

    Immigrant workers paying close attention to the interests of the election

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