IIT Hyderabad Develops DuroKea Antibacterial Technology to Fight Covid-19

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad have devised a new, innovative and long-lasting technology entitled Durocare to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Durokea S, DuroKea M, DuroKea H, and DuroKea H Aquause “Durokea Technology” is an adhesive nanoform that not only kills the virus instantly, but also provides long-term protection against a wide range of bacteria, including the COVID-19 virus. This product was launched today by Federal Minister of Education Ramesh Pokhriyar Nishank.

It will soon be available on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and 1mg. It can be purchased at an affordable price of rupees. Instantly kills 99.99% of bacteria leaving a protective nanoscale coating for 189 and up to 35 days.

According to an official statement, the product is launched after extensive testing through field testing and verification by various laboratories accredited by the Government of India. The unique property of the DuroKea series is that it not only kills viruses instantly within 60 seconds, but also provides protection from these viruses.

The research innovation developed by IIT Hyderabad is led by Dr. Jyotsnendu Giri of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. She is said to say: “DuroKea nanotechnology is unique and powerful, killing pathogens instantly (within 60 seconds) and providing long-term protection for hours to days. For long-lasting hygiene products, non-stop protection, repeated use There are several benefits, such as avoidance, cost effectiveness, and above all, saving time, energy, and money. “

Dr. Gili added that these nano-prepared products are the first in the country and abroad with excellent efficacy and affordability. DuroKea products are expected to play an important role in combating current pandemics and nosocomial infections in the healthcare sector by acting as long-lasting surface disinfectants and hand hygiene products.

Federal ministers called the launch of Durocare products one of the key steps to establish IIT Hyderabad in the world and bring glory to the country. He also congratulated the research team and laboratories that conducted remarkable research for society and the environment, such as masks, metal CO2 batteries, and dual carbon batteries.

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IIT Hyderabad Develops DuroKea Antibacterial Technology to Fight Covid-19

Source link IIT Hyderabad Develops DuroKea Antibacterial Technology to Fight Covid-19

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