If you don’t know the answer, write something on the exam: Delhi DoE to Students

Udit Rai, director of education in Delhi, asks public school students to “fill in something on the answer sheet” during the exam, but on Thursday after a video was posted on social media saying it wouldn’t be left blank. It caused controversy.

In interacting with class 12 students, the Central Secondary School (CBSE) stated that students were required to score as long as they wrote something on the answer sheet.

Congress and the BJP targeted the Delhi government in a video, but senior government officials said Lai’s comments were out of context.

In the video, Rye can be seen instructing class 12 students to “fill out the answer sheet.”

“If you don’t know the answer, write something. Copy the question into the answer slot, but don’t leave the answer sheet blank. If you talk to the teacher and something is written, I was told to mark you. The answer sheet. I also told the CBSE that if my child wrote something, I should mark them. ”

Despite many attempts, Lai did not comment on the video.

CBSE officials also declined to comment, saying the Ministry of Education could “give context” to the video.

A senior government official in Delhi said Lai’s speech was “out of context.”

The BJP and Congress attacked the Lai and Delhi governments over the video.

Naveen Kumar, media director for Delhi BJP, shared the video on Twitter and said, “Did you (Rai) write a question instead of an answer and become an Indian government official? This is the level of education in Delhi.” Stated.

Parliament in Delhi tweeted from the official handle, “Kejiwarji, what kind of educational model is this? Stop playing from the future of students.”

Ashok Agarwal, national president of the All Indian Parents Association, said he wrote to Prime Minister Arvind Keziwar about the video.

“I came across a shocking video in which the Director of Education of the Government of Delhi instructed students to leave the answer sheet blank and write nothing.”

He added that they had the word CBSE that they would be given points if they even wrote questions on the answer sheet. “Such a person doesn’t seem to deserve to be a director of education. Take the necessary actions,” Aggarwal said in his letter.

He also said Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia, who holds the education portfolio, “has to take responsibility for what DoE has done to worsen education and issue an official statement.”

If you don’t know the answer, write something on the exam: Delhi DoE to Students

Source link If you don’t know the answer, write something on the exam: Delhi DoE to Students

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