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I was numb when I heard it

Shekhar Suman has accused the Media House of issuing “false” reports claiming that his son and actor singer Adhyayan Suman committed suicide. Shekhar said in a series of tweets that she was suing the channel, calling the case “mercilessly irresponsible.”

The publication in question reportedly apologized for the same, but Shekar claims he would take “strict” legal action against them.

“We are not forgiving at all. The damage caused by them cannot be compensated by mere apology. We are legally doing our best possible. This case is a hit song or We hope to set an example for everyone who sends out very damaging and defamatory news just for the sake of TRP. They see how irresponsible coverage can cause serious damage. I want you to think about it. “

“When my wife Arca and I heard this, we were numb. Adhyayan was in Delhi and his phone was out of reach. Thousands of dead until we got to him I just announced to the world that my son had committed suicide … it’s absolutely unforgivable. I can imagine what my wife and I experienced, “Shekar added.

Shekhar Sman’s eldest son, Ayush, died of heart disease at the age of 11. Shekhar, who had previously talked about losing Ayush, told IANS: “This is one of the events that has remained in my mind for a long time. He is still with us. I (my wife) Arca sees him get better throughout her life. I saw that I was sacrificing, and therefore we all lived thinking that we could probably do something more, but we cannot change our destiny. “

I was numb when I heard it

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