I thought my career was at a crossroads last year, but I wasn’t sure if I would be on the test team.Cricket news

Kanpur: In the glory of becoming India’s third-highest test wicket taker, senior off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin fears his career will not survive the turmoil unleashed by last year’s COVID-19 pandemic. I made it clear that I was there.
Ashwin, 35, who won the 419th wicket in the 80th test to surpass Halva Janssin (417 in 103 tests) on Monday, is his career after a tour of New Zealand in India early last year. Said he thought he was at a “crossroads”.
“I don’t know if we’ll continue to play test cricket when we’re in a pandemic, when we’re blocked, to be very modest about what’s happening in my life and career over the last few years. It was, “Ashwin said. Interview with BCCI website by Indian teammate Shreyas Iyer.

“I had never played the last test (in India) in Christchurch (started February 29, 2020). I was at a crossroads and wondering if I would play the test again. It’s the only format I’m playing. But God was kind and I was able to turn things around, “he said.
“When you (Shreyas) were the captain, I moved to Delhi Capitals, and things have changed since then,” he said in an interview uploaded to

The entire Ashwin family had to quit the event after testing positive for a horrifying virus at the IPL’s Indian leg in May this year. The event was finally completed in the UAE from September to October.
Ashwin said he urged Harbajan to start off-spin after seeing a veteran exploit in a historic test series against Australia in 2001.
“When he (Harbajan) was bowling that wonderful spell against Australia in 2001, I didn’t expect to be an off-spinner (one day) that particular day.
“But inspired by him, I picked up the ball off-spin. I’m here. Thanks to Bhajjipa for inspiring me.

“It’s a great milestone. It’s a matter of pride. I got the 200th wicket on the same ground, and now I’ve surpassed Halva Janssin’s tally again on this same ground.”
After seeing Harbajan, Ashwin remembered how he became an off-spinner and said, “In fact, I was a more batter. I had a lot of seams in the bowl for Tamil Nadu. But the pelvic disc slipped. Then I started batting. I didn’t want to bowl at all. I didn’t want to do anything.
“After the 2001 Border Gava Skull Trophy, I decided to start spin bowling. That was when I saw Bajipa. It was so easy that I could just jump across my hand and skip. increase.
“That’s the way I started, but I’ve been doing it for so long that I’m not sure if I can do it now (copy Harvajan’s style),” he added.
Ashwin thanked Harbajan for congratulating him on his milestone.
“Thank you for your message to him. I’m going. If I see it on Twitter, I’ll reply to him too. Thanks to Bhajjipa. Perhaps I didn’t want to go beyond the legend, but I’m it I am fortunate and honored to have done this.
“But overall, these are the numbers that are happening as a result of what efforts I make to enjoy the game. At this point, to be honest, I’m worried about how many I am. No. Is it over or something? ”
Regarding the first test that was drawn, he said, “I’m still sunk after the match. The fact that I didn’t win was still close. It’s hard for me to get over.
“Once in Jamaica I wasn’t able to cross the line. On the final day we tried to force a victory but couldn’t get it, especially as the last inning bowler bowling. It takes time, but it just didn’t happen today. ”

I thought my career was at a crossroads last year, but I wasn’t sure if I would be on the test team.Cricket news

Source link I thought my career was at a crossroads last year, but I wasn’t sure if I would be on the test team.Cricket news

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