I dared to dream – and I won!

After winning the badminton silver medal (SL4 class) at the recently signed 2020 Paralympics and building history as the first Indian administrative service officer to win the Paralympic event, Suhasla Rina Kereya Tiraji soon became a district administrator. Resumed his duties as. Gotham Buddha Nagar (Noida).
“There is no room for breaks or vacations. I’m happy to be able to redo what I enjoy most,” Suhas said. There was no celebration to honor his achievements at the Paralympics. “I want to dedicate this medal to my deceased father, so I am today,” said the 38-year-old.
The shuttle had a problem with the right lower limb from birth. “I know it’s not 100%, but I kept stretching out as part of my exercise routine. I always felt that I had to do my best with what nature gave me. I will do what I need to do to stay as strong as possible, “he reveals.
Overcoming his obstacles was not easy, but Suhas dared to dream. He wasn’t focused on a particular game, but he’s been fascinated by sports since he was a kid. “In 2016, I was called to start a district and state level badminton tournament. I was fascinated by badminton and have been playing ever since,” said a 2007 Batch IAS officer.
Gaurav Kanna, the current coach of the country’s para-badminton team, found Suhas and encouraged him.
He won the gold medal at the 2016 Asian Parabadminton Championships, an administrator of UP’s Azamgarh district, and became the first Indian bureaucrat to win a professional international badminton event.
More international praise has come his way. Suhas won the gold medal at the 2017 BWF Turkey Para-Badminton Championship Men’s Singles and Doubles events. He also won the gold medal at the 2016 Asian Championships and the bronze medal at the 2018 Asian Para Games.
“All these medals gave me a lot of confidence, and I also learned that doing my best is what I can do. You don’t have to worry too much about the results,” he says.
“For any sportsman, the biggest goal is to win a medal at the Olympics. I’m from an ordinary family. Anyone who can realize this dream can do it. They have to push themselves. “Suhas says.
One of the biggest challenges before entering the Paralympics was maintaining good health. He had a knee problem a few years ago and has recovered, says Suhas. “Fortunately, I wasn’t injured this year,” he adds.
“As a district security judge, I had to do my job, but I had to get ready for the tournament. This was a daunting task,” he says. Suhas practiced for three hours at night.
It’s usually cool and collected, but it was pointed out that Suhas was always talking to himself during the finals. “That’s because I wanted to relieve the pressure. I didn’t want the pressure to affect me,” he said, adding that his greatest perception was that the challenge was “between the ears.” I did.
After graduating from NIT Karnataka University, Computer Engineering is pleased to dispel the myth that research and sports are not closely related. His greatest motive was his family, and he admits that he couldn’t achieve anything without their support. “I couldn’t afford to spend time with my family and I’m always working and playing, but my family was able to deal with it. I updated my wife about everything that happened at the Paralympics and before the finals. I told my wife both after the match, “he says.
Suhas believes that getting the good things in life is not easy, and what you can do easily is not worth it. But “you can win and you can lose. The important thing is to learn and move on,” he says.

I dared to dream – and I won!

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