“I believe in one thing-never overdo your welcome”

London: Indian cricket team coach Ravi Shastri said after the ICC T20 World Cup in the UAE and Oman, “I believe in one thing. Never exceed your welcome.” When I gave a big hint that I was likely to get off the hot seat. He was head-on criticized for spreading the Covid-19 virus to support staff two days before his fourth test at The Oval, publishing a new book in London, said Saturday. “When asked if the ICCT 20 World Cup will be the last match to have Team India as chief coach.

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“I won twice in Australia and in England for five years as No. 1 (in test cricket). I spoke to Michael Atherton earlier this summer and said: Was 2-1 and the way he played in Rhodes and Oval was special, “Chastri told the Guardian.

“We also defeated all the nations of the world in our backyard with white ball cricket. (T20) If you win the World Cup, it’s cake icing. No more No. I believe in one thing-never overdo your welcome. And I would say I overdoed what I wanted to get out of my side. Defeat Australia and Covid How to lead the series in the UK in that year? It’s the most satisfying moment of 40 years at Cricket, “says Shastri.

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Within days of the unmasked book launch feature, Shastri tested Covid positive and was quarantined with four members of the support staff. And when assistant physiotherapist Yogash Parmar also tested positive, the player became anxious and eventually had to cancel the fifth and final test in Manchester.

“It was fun because I had no symptoms for 10 days except for a sore throat. I had no body temperature and my oxygen level was always 99%. I took no paracetamol and 10 from quarantine. I didn’t take the drug for a day. I tell everyone:’If you double jab, it’s a bloody 10-day flu. That’s it, “Shastri said.

When asked if he had discussed the new situation with the player, Shastri replied: I didn’t know who got it (Covid-19). I didn’t know that (physiotherapy) suddenly got it and tested positive. He physically treated 5 or 6 players. I think that is the beginning of the problem. We knew that the incubation period meant that someone could get it in the middle (of the test). Many players had families there. As a result, I didn’t know what the player was thinking. He has young children, you know, he has to think of them. I think it was a little touching. “

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“I believe in one thing-never overdo your welcome”

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