Hydrus7 Labs has announced strategic partnerships with European digital health companies Epillo, Health News and ET Health World.

Epillo plans to launch a pilot project, Blockchain-based Digital Therapeutic Devices (DTx), in a strategic partnership with US-based blockchain technology company Hydros7 Labs.

Epillo Health Systems, a European-based digital healthcare company, has IP portfolio patent pending in 153 countries through the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and in 27 countries in the European Union (EU) through the European Patent Office (EPO). Have innovations. Working with U.S.-based Hydros 7 Labs (Venture of JD COIN LLC) to transform the outlook for Digital Healthcare technology by incorporating the best of artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain into Digital Healthcare. We will partner to aggressively expand our innovation portfolio and accelerate product development in Europe and the United States.

Epillo’s Digital Therapeutics (DTx) is a software application for patients that helps patients treat, prevent, or manage their illness and has proven clinical benefits. For example, Digital Therapeutics can support patients with self-administered symptoms, add benefits to current treatments, and improve quality of life and other clinical endpoints.

Dr. Bhupinder Singh (CEO of Hydrus7 Labs), along with Jhon Banga, Dr. Deepak Parashar led the Strategic Association on behalf of Hydrus7 Labs. Following the partnership, the new board of directors of Epyllo Health Systems, chaired by Dr. Bhupinder Singh of Hydros7 Labs, will replace Epyllion’s existing founder and director, Aasif Shah, as CEO of Epyllion’s user and clinical use solutions. Appointed as CEO). In addition, products such as the blockchain-based digital therapeutic device (DTx) project backed by intellectual property (IP), which is scheduled to be released in May 2021.

Epillo’s DTx (based on patent-pending innovation) monitors, predicts, manages, and prevents in real time.

  • Interaction between drugs and food ingredients
  • Drug-drug component interactions

Mobile applications for patients and for clinicians to monitor and analyze drug interaction and pharmacodynamic (pharmacodynamic and pharmacodynamic) profile change data during co-administration of drug-food and drug-drug components Through a series of clinical tools.

Consumers of prescription drugs have unwanted pharmacological effects, which are often caused by drug interactions between themselves or with the food the patient consumes. Also, the effectiveness of the drug can be slowed by the consumption of certain foods that block or alter absorption capacity. Changes in the pharmacokinetics or pharmacodynamic profile of a drug. Drugs are given to effectively provide medical assistance, but this effect can change if such drugs are co-administered with another drug or consumed with certain food ingredients. there is. It is estimated that approximately 48% to 50% of the European and American population is already under medical supervision or is receiving clinical prescriptions due to some or other medical illness or health concerns. Epillo’s blockchain-based DTx is giving a broader user base Other digital healthcare technologies.

Epillo Health Systems believes Blockchain technology could revolutionize the way patients own and control their health data, and how healthcare professionals manage, protect, and share patient data. ..

“Epillo’s DTx solution uses the Blockchain distributed ledger approach to give healthcare professionals an unprecedented level of accuracy, privacy, and security, giving patients greater control over their data in healthcare. However, it offers an innovative new way to ensure robust data integrity. Applications, ”says Dr. Bhupinder Singh, Chairman of the Epillo Board.

Focusing on helping millions of people around the world, Epillo’s potential market user base for blockchain-based digital therapy equipment (DTx) is potential with conventional prescription drugs in the United States. It is projected to reach 160 million (48.4% of the total population of the United States, source: US Department of Health and Social Welfare) and 217 million taking regular therapeutic prescription drugs in Europe ( 48.6% of Europe’s total population, Source: Eurostats), a total of 377 MN users in Europe and the United States alone, and Alliance Clinical Solutions has 950,000 potential clinicians in the United States and 1.7 million potential in Europe. Clinicians have reached a total of 2.65 million clinicians in Europe and the United States alone.

“We plan to launch blockchain-based digital treatment (DTx) patient applications and clinical solutions worldwide. Nearly 50% of these applications have regular treatment prescription plans, and Epillo Predicted as a potential user of Epillo’s Digital Therapeutics Mobile application (based on patent-pending innovation), doctors will use Pill Prescription (Rx) to enhance the therapeutic effect of prescription drugs on patients. It will also be possible to create it as a DTx prescription, “says Aasif Shah. CEO of Epillo.

Hydrus7 Labs has announced strategic partnerships with European digital health companies Epillo, Health News and ET Health World.

Source link Hydrus7 Labs has announced strategic partnerships with European digital health companies Epillo, Health News and ET Health World.

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