Huge supply gap in data science talent, research says

Mumbai: According to one survey, about 92% of recruitment managers interviewed pointed out that there is a large supply gap in India’s data science talent.

Of all recruitment managers and leaders surveyed for this study, 92% confirmed that they witnessed a wide supply-demand gap among Indian data science talents. This is a survey of analytics and data science domain adoption trends conducted by ed-tech companies. Great learning says.


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Approximately 57% believed that the supply-demand gap existed at the entry level, and 27% believed that the talent gap existed in an intermediate level role between team leaders and project management. The largest lack of skills in the field of natural language processing (NLP) was identified by 15% of recruitment managers, followed by artificial intelligence (12%), automation (11%), computer vision (10%), and analytics. I did. (9%) and machine learning (7%) have been added.

The survey is based on a survey of HR leaders from more than 100 companies across sectors such as BFSI, retail, IT and ITeS, telecommunications, e-commerce, and manufacturing.

“With digital transformation in all industries, the demand for data science features such as NLP, AIML, big data, and automation is higher than ever. The need for time raises the bar for education. Is to improve the skills of employees to acquire new opportunities. ”

According to the survey, Bengaluru has regained its pole position as a major city for recruiting data science talent, with 54% of recruitment and recruitment managers choosing it as a priority destination for recruiting data science professionals. I am.

This was followed by the emerging cyber hub Hyderabad, adding that 15% of recruitment managers have regained confidence in the city.

BPO and KPO hubs in Delhi NCR and Pune were prioritized by 9% and 6%, respectively, followed by Mumbai and Chennai by 5% respectively.

The big gap between Bangalore and other cities is an ecosystem of skilled talent pools, cutting-edge data science applications in both enterprises and start-ups, and opportunities to engage and execute consulting projects. Extensive research in this area has been added.

Huge supply gap in data science talent, research says

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