How to protect your smartphone from overheating?

As weather patterns continue to fluctuate, it is important to ensure your precious smartphone does not overheat, especially during summer. An overheated smartphone will prevent you from communicating with your family, socialising with friends, taking memorable photos, or even playing your favourite games at sites such as Comeon Casino India. However, these simple guides should keep your handset cool, thus allowing you to enjoy its full functionality.

Keep your device away from the sun

As obvious as it may seem, the best way to avoid your phone from overheating is to keep it away from the scorching heat of the sun. This means that you should avoid placing it in places where it will be exposed to direct sunshine. If you are on a picnic, put it under a blanket, or if you are at home, avoid placing it near windows, conservatory, greenhouses, cars or anywhere it will absorb heat on a sunny day. It is also advisable to strip off the case for a few minutes since it acts as insulation, and if your phone is getting warm, the heat will be trapped inside the case, thus increasing the likelihood of your device overheating. It is also advisable not to leave your phone in tight pockets for long periods, where your body heat will be adding up to the heat it is already receiving from the sun. A good place would be on your jacket or coat, but you will not likely be wearing one since it is a hot day. You may thus want to carry it in a bag. If by any chance it gets overheated, it is discouraged to force a cool-down as this may cause damage. Some people may submerge their water-resistant phones in water or place them in a fridge or freezer to cool them. These tricks are mostly ineffective and may likely damage your device and even void the warranty of your device. If you use it for demanding tasks such as playing intense games, video, or photo editing, it is advisable to invest in a phone cooler.

Adjust your phone’s settings

Some of the settings you can adjust to prevent the phone from overheating include turning your screen brightness to low levels. While this may make the display harder to see, it uses less battery power, thus reducing the chances of your phone overheating. You may also want to disable the adaptive brightness feature since it turns the brightness of your device to the maximum when outside. You may also want to turn off data usage if not using it. You may also want to avoid demanding tasks such as playing intense games since they may overwork and push your device to the limit. You may also want to avoid plugging it in a high-speed charge as this may warm it up quite quickly. If your phone gets overheated and you do not have a phone cooler, you may want to place it under a fan, where it will cool at a slow rate without the risk of damage.

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