How to Find Out Where You Can Grow Pot Legally and How to Get Started

Cannabis growers could produce a healthy crop to provide to dispensaries or start their own businesses. The entrepreneurs must choose states where marijuana is legal and doesn’t present them with a criminal infraction. While it is legal to distribute medicinal marijuana in some states, there are specific regulations that apply. When reviewing their options, growers must find a legal place to grow their crops and avoid extensive laws and regulations. 

Where Is Recreational Marijuana Legal?

The cannabis grower must live and grow their crops where pot is legal or face some penalties. The following states have legalized the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana: Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, D.C., California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Michigan, Vermont, Illinois, Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, South Dakota, New York, Virginia, New Mexico, and Connecticut. Growers can grow, use, and sell marijuana and related products. They can set up grow rooms at their homes without the fear of prosecution. 

Where is Medicinal Marijuana Legal?

The following states have legalized the medicinal use of marijuana only: North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Florida. To grow or cultivate marijuana in these states, the grower must obtain a license and must follow all guidelines for their state.  

What Do You Need to Grow Marijuana?

Growers will need to purchase grow lights, seeds, planters for their crops, and nutrients to keep the plants healthy. It is recommended that they research the seeds for the strain of marijuana they want to produce. The information will show them how many hours of sunlight or artificial light the plants need. Some plants may need at least 12 hours of sunlight each day to remain healthy and develop adequate buds. 

It is recommended that the grower places all their supplies in the same location as their plants. This makes it easier for them to access water and nutrients as the products are needed. They must follow the schedule required for their preferred plants.  

How to Set Up a Grow Room

The first consideration when setting up a grow room is security. The grower will need to set up their grow room in a space where they have adequate locking mechanisms on the doors. It’s important that they keep all unauthorized individuals from the room to prevent theft and damage to the crops. 

Next, they need to arrange their grow room to give the plants enough room to grow and expand. The type of marijuana plants determines how big the plants get when it is time to harvest the buds. The grower needs enough space to move around the room and manage the plants.

They will also need to set up a timer on their grow light to ensure that it shuts down after the preferred amount of time. Once they decide what type of marijuana plants they want, it is best to find a guide specifically for the plants to get the most success from their crops.  

Cannabis growers must set up their crops in states where it is legal to grow the plants. They cannot grow the plans in any state where it is illegal because they will be prosecuted for the possession of marijuana or distribution of an illegal substance. In states where recreational and medicinal marijuana are legal, the growers will not face criminal charges and could fulfill the demands of a growing market.  

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