How To Find A Company To Write One Hour Essay Fast

Essay writing is one of the most challenging tasks that a college student might get. To master the art of perfect essay writing takes a lot of practice and hard work. Yet, whenever you start college, professors tend to bombard you with several assignments that include essay writing. Most students rely on essay writing services to share the load of overwhelming assignments. This article will shine light upon some tips to help you find the perfect writing service.

Find The Perfect Topic

Whenever someone asks me how to write a 2 page paper in an hour, I always tell them to choose a topic that is close to their heart. Most professors give selected topics to students, which makes it hard for them to choose the best one. But if by any chance you are given the liberty to choose your own essay topic, try and find a subject matter that piques your interest. For instance, if you are a fan of cars, it might be good to write an essay on formula 1 racing. Don’t just go on the internet and find the most generic topic. Your professor is bored of reading the same old essays. Try to find something unique and amazing to impress the reader rather than cliché content. Here is a list of essay topics that you can find interesting:

  • How To Stay Away From Bullies In High School
  • How To Get Away With Gym Class
  • The Most Amazing Childhood Memory
  • Making The Most Of A Worst Situation
  • The Greatest Highschool Regret

Writers Who Can Follow A Structure

Before choosing a company that is gonna write a one hour essay for you, always make sure that the writer can follow the proper structure and format. Most essays are divided into four separate parts.

Firstly we have the introduction. Then, the Introductory paragraphs are the first impressions of your essay. Make sure to write this part short, with strong and captivating vocabulary. Most students use a funneling approach while writing the first paragraph. They start with default information and gradually tone down to the specifics. Don’t make your introduction too long. Your first paragraph must not be more than 10% of your entire essay.

Secondly, we have the body paragraphs. These paragraphs are the heart of your essay as they contain the main arguments. The body paragraphs hold the base that makes your essay a strong one. Whenever you are writing down an argument in this part of the essay, make sure to keep them separate from each other. No one likes a mixed body paragraph that contains several arguments. Try to divide your points into two separate parts and then indoctrinate them into a paragraph.

Try to use strong and captivating vocabulary, but don’t get too fancy. Some students want to impress their professors, and they write down fancy vocabulary. This just changes the meaning of your essay and might divert it from being something completely irrelevant and vulgar. A good essay writing service has writers who put maximum time and effort into their body paragraphs because they help take your essay to the next level.

Finally, we have the conclusion. Again, like the introduction, make sure to keep this paragraph short and precise. A perfect one hour essay writing service will contain writers who end the essay on a good note. Make sure to never include new information in conclusion. The aim of the last paragraph is to reignite the pre-written arguments rather than add new facts and figures.

Professional Writers

The first and most important thing that you have to look for when finding a writing company is the competence of their writers. You will come across several fake companies, and they will give you writers that are amateur at what they do. Steer clear of these companies as they will ruin your essay and, ultimately, your grade. A good writing service has employed writers who are experts in English and other languages. These writers have been in the assignment game for a long time, and they know how to create the perfect essay without any hassle or much time. Whenever you find a writer, always make sure to ask them about the qualifications. This is the first step towards choosing him. Verify their qualifications and counter-check them with different Educational Institutes to make sure that what they provide you is authentic.

Moreover, a custom paper writing company should always have professional writers who can create fast essays. This means that you should first check by giving them a sample essay to note down the time so that you can know that the particular writer can produce a last-minute assignment. Another way through which you can check if your writer is professional is by asking them for old sample essays. This will provide you an idea of their style in writing. But be careful. Many fake writers write an essay that is completely copied from another expert. They might send you that essay as their own just to show their fake competence. Whenever you receive such an essay, try to run the document through plagiarism detection software. This will verify the authenticity of your sample and help you factor out fake writers.

Good Customer Service

If you want to write my essay in 1 hour, always make sure that your writing company has good customer service. College professors are inclined to make last-minute changes to their essay prompts. This might lead to a disaster as you won’t have enough time to communicate with the writer. Try to find a company that has excellent customer service. Their writers must be responsive, and they must reply immediately to all the queries. You can check the customer service by sending the writer a sample essay and making changes one hour before the order submission. This will give you a clear idea of how the writer manages stress.


Always make sure that your writer is an expert in creating references of different styles. References are very important as they help the reader prove the authenticity of your essay. Try to make your essay top-notch by adding several references.

We all know that college life comes with many challenges. You have to manage time between studies and extracurricular activities to make your college experience a great one. Most students don’t find the time to complete their assignments on time, and as a result, their grades suffer. Always try to find the perfect writing service to ease your burden. Conduct proper research on your writing service and choose the best writer to satisfy your writing needs.


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