How this B school has an advantage when competing for global work

The successful placement of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students at SP Jain Global Management School (SP Jain Global), Forbes’ 12th largest business school, is off to a great start. Eighty percent of Australians have jobs at top recruiters such as Walsh Bay Partners, Frost & Sullivan, ING Australia, bdhSterling, Adzuna, OMD Australia, Metcash, Bayton Group, Star Beta and BSI. Students have also received offers from the United States, Dubai, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Colombia. The financial, media and marketing sectors accounted for 94% of all offers, followed by general management and consulting.

Dr. Vaidyanathan “Vaidy” Jayaraman, a world-renowned citizen – Dean – SP Jain’s undergraduate program attributes this success to the school’s unique multi-city model. “Our students have a clear advantage when it comes to competing for global work. After living, studying and internship in at least three cities, not one in Singapore (or Mumbai), Dubai or Sydney. , They have graduated as globally intelligent citizens and have very relevant and engaging skills for major Australian companies, and all over the world, “says Dean Vaidy.

“It’s no wonder that most students choose to start their career in Australia. Upon completion of the program, SP Jain students apply for an unlimited post-study work visa for two years. Many people can take advantage of this opportunity, “he adds. Multi-City Degree SP Jain launched the BBA program in 2010, making it one of the first business schools in the world to offer multi-city undergraduate programs.

“The study abroad program has been around for years, but when we launched the BBA, the concept of a multi-city bachelor’s degree program was virtually unheard of. Since then, we have graduated from more than 750 students and are global. “We have been very successful in our careers, and that’s why today companies believe in our model,” says school president Nitish Jain.

SP Jain’s BBA is a four-year multi-city program accredited by the Australian Higher Education Quality Standards Authority (TEQSA). Students earn an Australian degree and travel to Singapore / Mumbai for the first year, Dubai for the second year, and Sydney for the third and fourth years. This course has always attracted quality students from all over the world. The latest graduation classes include students from the United States, Austria, Brazil, India, China, Morocco, Mauritius and South Korea.

How this B school has an advantage when competing for global work

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