How MG Astor stands out in a pool of compact SUVs

New Delhi: MG Motor India will begin pre-ordering its fourth product, Astor, on Thursday and delivery will begin in November.
Will Astor’s entry into the compact SUV space challenge the calm Hyundai Creta and Chiaseltos? Volkswagen Routygun and Skodakshak, who have just entered the market, also fight their teeth and claws to establish a niche.
In the midst of this fierce war, the Astor armor is Astor’s Car-as-a-Platform (CAAP) subscription model, an on-demand in-vehicle service and subscription in the field of utilities, according to a company backed by SAIC. Focuses on. Entertainment, security and consumer payments in the first place.
MG’s IoT partner, Jio, enables in-car connectivity and access to real-time connectivity, infotainment, telematics, and music streaming services. Customers can get a free internet pack of 4GB per month on an SUV. It can be further customized up to 9GB and 14GB for an additional fee.

08:13MG Astor | Autonomous Level 2 Features

Based in Halol, the company’s first and most popular product, Hector, has dominated the market, especially thanks to the features bundled with the “Internet Inside” package. Meanwhile, Astor is ready to lift the bar with AI Inside, a feature never seen before in this segment. MG Motor plans to deliver 5,000 Astors by the end of 2021.
In addition, MG’s CAAP subscription model includes parking reservation and prepaid services via Park + in three cities (NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore) and will expand to nine cities in the near future. It’s a schedule. The service is free for the first 3 months and Rs 1,199 for the next 6 months.
Another arm of MG’s evolving i-Smart hub is the vehicle’s digital passport. It features a blockchain-protected Koine Arth. This makes it easier for customers to share their digital passports with third parties, such as insurance partners and used car portals, to get higher resale value and better premiums based on driving behavior and service compliance. This digital passport is available for Rs 1,000 in the first year.
Rajeev Chaba, President and MD of MG Motor India, said: “We announced the CAAP Vision in August and are now incorporating a subscription-based model into Astor. Our constant efforts are to work with more ecosystem partners to create a new era of consumers. Is to evolve CAAP to provide innovative services in line with the rapidly changing requirements of. ”
MG Astor was launched with four trim lines. Prices for 1.5 liters of VTi-Tech gasoline range from Rs 9.78 to Rs 14.98 (in front of the showroom). The more powerful 1.3 liter turbo petrol with 6-AT is only in the range of Rs 15.88 to Rs 16.78 (in front of the showroom). The latter also has Level 2 autonomous driving capabilities.

How MG Astor stands out in a pool of compact SUVs

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