How False Information Increased Pandemic Distress

The pandemic forced us to stay indoors longer than expected, and most importantly, relying on technology for all our daily work, including work and entertainment. The first wave of Covid-19 increased false information on social media platforms, especially WhatsApp and Facebook. Due to the high penetration of the Internet but low public awareness, many vulnerable groups have fallen victim to old misleading videos, false claims and information about the coronavirus. Many believed that it was propagated by performers on social media and caused confusion.

The younger generation had easy access to the facts they came across. However, they had a hard time telling their parents and grandparents to take the virus seriously, stay home, and disbelieve everything they read on the phone. Several new channels, the Information Center, have kept citizens up to date with fact-finding surveys of information surfaced on the Internet.

False information related to Covid is a major problem in the country’s efforts to fight viruses. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Alberta in August 2021, India is the largest source of false alarms for Covid-19, with one-sixth of false alarms spreading from Japan. Researchers have analyzed 9,657 false information from 138 countries.

According to a WHO article, infodemics are a breeding ground for uncertainty and encourage skepticism and distrust. This is the perfect environment for fear, anxiety, pointing, stigma, violent attacks, and dismissal of proven public health measures, which can lead to loss of life.

A large awareness program to educate people is the first necessary approach to counteract and avoid such cases. Elderly people do not have a systematic education and may be difficult to educate. The only possible way to teach young people about information literacy is to ask them to help older people make better decisions. In addition, to avoid upset, you should pay attention to the information you share in advance with your friends and family without ascertaining the facts.

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How False Information Increased Pandemic Distress

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