His new album Shawn Mendes: Feels Free

Singer Shawn Mendes has released his new album, Wonder. He says it feels like freedom. “I feel like I’ve made an album like freedom,” he told about making an album.

“Just making it gave me a lot of freedom. It was the music I wanted to hear, the music I wanted to hear, the music I wanted to make, and that made me feel gorgeous,” he added.

The singer has spoken openly about the fight against anxiety in the past.

In a new interview, he said he was once again a victim of his fears when it was time to start following up on his title’s 2018 album.

“This album is like a reflection of my life now, rather over the last 6-7 months,” Mendes said.

“I felt like I couldn’t make music at the top of the year because of the big moments of anxiety and horror. I think it all came from a place of horror for people who don’t like music. Or, I’m afraid I couldn’t make music better than I did in the past … and it was like choking me as a songwriter, “he added.

He gave himself the moon to understand things.

“I just said,’Hey, this. I’ve appeared, I’m here to make music, I’m here to make art, and if that happens in the best way, it’s Do so, and if it doesn’t happen, it won’t happen … and ironically, when I’m free from that expectation, I start making the favorite art I’ve ever made in my life. I think it was, “Mendez said.

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His new album Shawn Mendes: Feels Free

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