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Hero MotoCorp production exceeds 10 rolls with the new Extreme 160R

Hero MotoCorp 100 Million Motorcycle Extreme 160R, Pawan Munjar and Shah Rukh Khan

Hero MotoCorp can reach 100 million (10 chlores) production milestones in 2009

Name something bigger than Hero MotoCorp’s 100 million motorcycles. You understand the point. It’s a difficult statistic to compete with. Motorcycle manufacturers can sell more than Rs 50,000 a month at any time as demand allows. Over time, Hero MotoCorp has increased the number of its manufacturing units. This is in parallel with increasing demand and forecasting future sales.

Demand is 8 facilities of Hero MotoCorp.. Six of them are in India, one in Bangladesh and one in Colombia. Manufacturing plants in India operate in Gurgaon, Darhera, Haryana, Neemrana, Rajasthan, Halol, Gujarat, and Haridwar. The sixth plant went into operation last year in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh.

India’s cumulative installed capacity is currently 11.6 million units per year. The production capacity is as follows – 1.7 million people in Haridwar, England. 2.1 minutes in Darhera, Haryana. HR, 2.1 million in Gurgaon, 1.1 million in Neemrana, Rajasthan. 1.8 minutes in Vadodara, Gujarat. 1.8 million in AP Chittoor. The latest factory reaches full production capacity in three stages.

Hero MotoCorp’s growth story

As early as 2014, Hero MotoCorp was heading towards sales of 12 million units by 2020. After that, it was revised to 10 million units by 2020. During the course, some goals were modified. For starters, sales in the export market have not met the previously predicted targets.

Hero MotoCorp 100 million rollout
Hero MotoCorp 100 Million Rollouts – 6 New Editions Released

Consistently over the past five years, Bajaj and TVS have been operating in the domestic market and have relatively lower sales than Hero MotoCorp. But in the export market, both companies outperform Hero MotoCorp. The hero’s worldwide footprint spans 40 countries.

In the domestic market, due to the success of its Splendor motorcycle series, Hero’s market share is only half of the total market share. It has become the world’s largest single-selling brand / motorcycle. In the brand’s next five-year plan, Hero MotoCorp will launch more than 10 products each year. They include variants, refreshes and upgrades, and premium motorcycles.

100 million units of Hero Extreme 160R

Hero MotoCorp was previously reported to reach sales of 100 million units in 2009. That day has come. Of course, the dates may be slightly off. This is due to the confusion of Covid-19 pandemic-related outcomes by 2020.

Road to 100 million production of Hero MotoCorp
The road to 100 million production of Hero MotoCorp. 1 million to 100,000 rupees.

In 2017, 75 million marks were announced. It reached the 50 million mark in 2013.Last 50 million units appeared in just 7 years Hero MotoCorp is an unstoppable force. The company looks forward to a year-round celebration to commemorate this important opportunity.

On this occasion, the brand’s global icon, Shah Rukh Khan, visited the Gurgaon factory. Deployment of 100 million units. This was done at the Haridwar factory. The unit is Hero Extreme 160R. As a result, the company has now introduced six special edition motorcycles in its existing lineup. They are the festive editions of The Splendor +, Xtreme 160R, Passion Pro, Glamor (motorcycle) and Destini 125, Maestro Edge 110 (scooter). And it will be released from February 2021.

Hero MotoCorp production exceeds 10 rolls with the new Extreme 160R

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