Hero MotoCorp becomes the first OEM to use Ather Energy’s fast charging technology for electric scooters

Hero MotoCorp became the first major OEM to adopt the Ather Energy Proper Charging Connector design for electric scooters after deciding to publish its IP earlier this year.

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Ather aims to build a universal charging connector for electric scooters by exposing its IP.

Hero MotoCorp, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, became the first major OEM to adopt Ather Energy’s unique fast-charging connector technology for electric scooters. A Bangalore-based start-up has exposed the design of a fast-charging connector for use by other manufacturers to standardize its domestic charging infrastructure. The hero has accepted this offer and may do the same when entering the electric scooter segment next year. Ather Energy is also helping motorcycle giants incorporate connector designs into e-scooters.

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By sharing the connector design, Ather and Hero can set up a universal charger that customers can access.

In response to carandbike, an Ather spokeswoman said, “After announcing the opening of an IP for its own fast-charging connector in August 2021, Ather has received a lot of attention from several players. Hero MotoCorp is the first partner on the journey. To facilitate EV adoption. We are also in talks with other OEMs, charging point operators and charging equipment manufacturers. Currently, the public charging infrastructure is ready for integration. , We are working closely with several partners to make this future possible. “

“More OEMs using a common connector will pave the way for a country’s interoperable motorcycle fast-charging platform, which not only reduces range anxiety, but more OEMs are in common. We will be able to build products based on our standards, reducing our investment in infrastructure. ”A spokeswoman added.


Hero holds a 35% stake in Ather Energy.Photo: Co-founders of Tarn Mefta, Other and Pawan Munjal, Chairman of Hero MotoCorp

carandbike will also contact Hero MotoCorp for comment and update the story when the company responds. Hero owns a 35% stake in Ather Energy, but the two companies have been working independently on the development of electric vehicles. While Ather built and sold a 450 range from scratch, Hero MotoCorp has partnered with Taiwanese company Gogoro to accelerate EV development. Manufacturers also teased the first electric scooters, which are likely to arrive in the first half of 2022, earlier this year.

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At the time of the IP release, co-founder and CEO Tarun Mehta told carandbike: It was compatible with all brands and needed to establish a common charging station. This will slow down the EV industry. “

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Mehta further stated that the fast-charging connector design was developed for low-cost production. It has also been tested and tested, giving more vehicles access to common charging stations. As part of the agreement, Ather has no commercial consideration such as license fees or royalties. This move also allows hero and other owners to replace charging stations in the future. A common charging connector solution only helps both players expand their customer’s charging network.

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Hero MotoCorp becomes the first OEM to use Ather Energy’s fast charging technology for electric scooters

Source link Hero MotoCorp becomes the first OEM to use Ather Energy’s fast charging technology for electric scooters

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