Here’s how to cut herbs like a master chef.Watch the video

Are you tired or bored with too much chopping? Today, the market is full of many products that can be used to chop vegetables. Now, if you like world-class cuisine (typical Italian, Continental), you have to pay attention to the aroma and taste of the herbs used. People use a wide range of freshly chopped herbs to enhance the overall look and taste of their dishes. Adding herbs to Italian and continental dishes such as pasta and spaghetti makes it much more delicious.

In Italian cuisine, basil and tulsi leaves are one such popular herb. Basil plants are very popular in India and are used medicinally. It is considered sacred and is worshiped throughout the country. Basil plants are widely used as a quick home remedy for colds and coughs, and are often used as a fragrance in some desserts.

Raw basil leaves add flavor, but much less than finely chopped ones. 5-6 chopped basil leaves correspond to 10-11 raw leaves. Now, chopping these leaves into small pieces is not a child’s play. Therefore, we bring you the experts themselves and share a hassle-free chopping method.

Chef Kunal Kapur posted his video on Instagram and was seen sharing a simple hack to cut basil leaves.

check it out:

How to cut basil leaves:

step 1: Keep the leaves for washing and drying separately.

Step 2: Place them neatly stacked. Note that you don’t have to hurt it as it will lose its taste.

Step 3: Gently roll a bunch of basil leaves and slice with a sharp knife.

In just three easy steps, the basil leaves are finely chopped and all set to be used as a topping for Italian cuisine.

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Here’s how to cut herbs like a master chef.Watch the video

Source link Here’s how to cut herbs like a master chef.Watch the video

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