Here’s how Blackpink Rose prepared for the Met Gala:

Rosémade, a member of the most famous K-POP idol group Blackpink, made her Met Gala debut this year. Korean and New Zealand singers were seen wearing Saint Laurent’s work when they appeared on the red carpet with Anthony Baccarello, creative and image director of French luxury fashion house.

In a video shared by Vogue, viewers had the opportunity to see how Rose prepares for the look of the Met Gala. The video begins when Rose steps into Peninsula, a hotel on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York. There she meets a hair, makeup and styling team. Rose sitting in a white robe can be seen eating dumplings in soup. You can also hear the 24-year-old singer asking for rice while sitting to start hair and makeup.

The K-POP idol said she was her sister who first called to share the news of the Met Gala invitation. Rose didn’t expect her to attend one of the biggest fashion events. The singer compared her experience with Coachella’s performance with fellow Blackpink members Lisa, Jiss, and Jennie. Black Pink performed at the 2019 American Music Festival. They also became the first K-pop girl group to play at Coachella.

Rose mentioned how her fellow Blackpink member Lisa expressed excitement when she received the news. “Lisa called me like’Oh my god’.’I can’t believe you’re going. She told me to take a picture of a celebrity, and I said,’I can do that. I can’t believe it. ” Rose shared expectations from the Met Gala and said: [Still] I hope everything is the opposite. She also said she didn’t want to trip over the red carpet and find something stuck between her teeth as the red carpet’s appearance jitter approached her.

Rose wore a black mini dress with a choker necklace and earrings and black stiletto heels for the Met Gala.

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Here’s how Blackpink Rose prepared for the Met Gala:

Source link Here’s how Blackpink Rose prepared for the Met Gala:

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