HealthWorksAI plans to expand, plans to double the number of employees in India in two years

HealthWorksAI™ Healthcare analytics company, the industry leader in the US, intends to double its workforce in India and hire more than 100 workers to strengthen its product portfolio. such as the growth of recently launched products Interpretable AI (XAI) and Network Intel For the US Medicare Advantage market. HealthWorksAI ™ is one of the leading health data analytics companies in the United States, providing fast access to effective and well-thought-out Medicare Advantage market data for health care providers to make strategic decisions.

The cloud-based HealthWorksAI solution has been very useful to its clients at Medicare Advantage, providing stronger analytics and insights to support strategic decision-making. With stronger HealthWorksAI offers, the company builds its team on unique development programs for employees, such as gin awards, open vacation policies, self-promotion, numerous opportunities for annual growth as weekly jobs such as portable offices, and more incentives. the entrepreneurial spirit among its millennial workforce.

As the Medicare Advantage market grew and competition intensified, stronger offerings became the main distinguishing feature for many payers. With an improved product offer and quality talent, HealthWorksAI is strategically positioned to grow significantly in the U.S. market in the coming years.

Speaking at the event Mr. Arvind Naqpal, Founder and CEO of HealthWorksAI he said, “The US Medicare Advantage market is highly competitive, and the role of analytics and insights is crucial. HealthWorksAI products are built at the crossroads of business, math and technology, allowing our customers to deliver higher ROI to their beneficiaries, while also offering profitable growth for health plans. This forces us to focus more on expanding our team, and India is strategically positioned to be a major contributor, and we look forward to adding more employees this year with our employee-friendly policy.. ”

US Medicare Advantage Market

Every day, 10,000 Americans reach the age of 65, making them eligible for Medicare benefits. Medicare Advantage is a health insurance program in the United States funded by the federal government and managed by private insurance companies. Over the last decade, the role of Medicare Advantage, a private plan alternative to traditional Medicare, has steadily increased. By 2021, more than 26 million people will be enrolled in the Medicare Advantage plan, representing 42 percent of the total Medicare population and $ 343 billion (or 46%) of total federal Medicare spending (excluding premiums).

HealthWorksAI plans to expand, plans to double the number of employees in India in two years

Source link HealthWorksAI plans to expand, plans to double the number of employees in India in two years

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