Hasina, a specific district with vested interests that undermines Bangladesh’s image, says

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has a stake on Sunday to create a division of the community and undermine the image of Bangladesh as the country recovers from numerous violence against Hindus and mob attacks on temples during the Durga Puja festival. He said that certain districts involved were spreading the word. Media report.

Attacks on Hindu temples have intensified in Bangladesh since October 13, after profane posts surfaced on social media during the Durga Puja celebration. On the night of October 17, a mob damaged 66 homes and set fire to at least 20 Hindu homes in Bangladesh.

“No one can retreat Bangladesh. Some of the incidents we see from time to time are organized. They are deliberately done to undermine the image of Bangladesh.”

Hasina said that with the opening of the Paila Bridge in southern Bangladesh, certain vested interests were spreading publicity aimed at creating a division of the community. But she didn’t name anyone.

“No matter how good we do, there are quarters dedicated to damaging Bangladesh’s credibility. What do they want? They hope that the normal democratic process will continue in this country. I don’t want it, “he said, urging people to be wary of attempts to destabilize the country. Eight people were killed as joint violence spread to several other districts during the festival. ..

The Durga Puja festival, which is considered to be the largest festival of the minority Hindu community in Bangladesh, ended without the traditional Bijoyada Shami procession. Bangladeshi security agencies arrested Shakat Mandal on Saturday, believed to be the second leading suspect behind recent violence. His arrest took place the day after police arrested Ikubal Hossein, 35, a major suspect in the Cox’s Bazar area.

So far, police have arrested nearly 600 people from different parts of the country for inciting violence against Hindus during the Durga Puja Festival. On Tuesday, Hasina instructed her interior minister to take immediate action against those who used religion to incite violence because she asked people to trust nothing on social media without fact checking. ..

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that the Bangladeshi government “clearly condemned these cases and paid serious attention to internal and external reactions to the Hindu community.” Violence has been widely condemned by the United Nations. Bangladesh’s UN resident coordinator Seppo said the attack on Hindus was against the value of the country’s constitution and needs to be stopped.

Hindus make up about 10 percent of Bangladesh’s 169 million population, which is dominated by Islam.

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Hasina, a specific district with vested interests that undermines Bangladesh’s image, says

Source link Hasina, a specific district with vested interests that undermines Bangladesh’s image, says

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