Has Clubhouse peaked before it peaked?

Backed by its release on Android in the last week of June and May, Clubhouse recorded 5.9 million app downloads across the Apple Store and Play Store in India. This plummeted to 1.4 million in July, according to data from mobile app analytics firm Sensor Tower. The number of app installs in August was 558,000, a decrease of almost 60% compared to the previous month. According to data from Similarweb, a web analytics platform, Clubhouse has 1.26 million daily active users on Android devices in India, 46.75% less than in July.

“Most platforms have leveled off after attracting a significant user base,” said Gautam Mehra, CEO of Dentsu Programmatic. However, this (declining number) is normal during the app’s growth phase. It’s not a phenomenon. ” We’ll be worried if the number of engagements continues to decline for another couple of months, says Mehra, chief data and product officer at Dentsu APAC. “This makes advertisers more cautious about taking risks and betting on new platforms.”

At Clubhouse, users can gather in online chat rooms to listen to conversations on a variety of topics. It’s like a panel discussion without video. It was all the rage after celebrities from Elon Musk and Bill Gates to Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg entered the room and joined the conversation.

A Clubhouse spokeswoman said: “These numbers aren’t accurate, but they surged in June due to stagnant demand from Android users waiting to join. Over the next few months, a wave of new users has added and engagement has increased. rice field.”

Even if sudden demand boosts June numbers, Clubhouse downloads appear to be declining. August downloads are well below May’s 1.5 million. Many users have told Mint that they have moved from hosting daily sessions to weekly rooms, reducing the amount of time they spend on apps. The relaxation of pandemic-related restrictions that inadvertently boosted clubhouse growth may be the reason clubhouses are losing momentum.

“During the blockade, many people hungry for social interaction needed a platform that allowed them to talk, listen and build meaningful relationships with like-minded strangers,” he told Clubhouse in November 2020. Vibin Baburajan, who participates and has more than 10,000 followers, says. “But now that people meet in real life, there are few social conversations that require a clubhouse.”

Until May 21, the app was only available to iOS users in India and room attendance was limited. “From June to July, my room started to attract 200-1,500 people, and now that number has dropped to 70-100, which is a very good topic,” he says. .. Baburajan is the co-founder of the powerful “All India Startups” club, which consists of 82,000 members of the app. He says it’s difficult to passively engage audio-only apps because they can’t scroll or engage like other social media platforms.

“The engaged, long-time audio-only format is against the current trend in content consumption, and now it’s all about easy-to-eat videos,” said Dentsu’s Mehra. It states.

Clubhouses seem bullish in India. “We launched our first Creator First program in India outside the United States and received enthusiastic participation. As we continue to expand, we are adding many new features, including monetization, to help empower our creators. We plan to roll it out, “said a spokeswoman for the company.

Saina Jayapal, who has been a member of the Clubhouse since February, says those who are still active have their own rooms to follow or run. Bangalore PR expert Jayapal co-sponsors a weekly room on Nostalgia, as well as a current office reading newspaper headlines in Kerala, Maharashtra and Karnataka every morning. I finished 100 episodes recently. She also confirmed that the strength of the room was reduced to a quarter of what it was two months ago. Certainly tired, Jayapal said, adding that it was difficult to maintain a room and interesting conversations.

Rooms with themes such as music and “taking shots” (for a romantic pursuit) have consistently worked. Anirudh Deshmukh, who co-sponsors Late Night Jam, a music-themed room with more than 66,000 followers, is also down, he says, because people have become accustomed to the app and started building small clubs.

It’s still too early to tell if Clubhouse’s loss is in the interests of Twitter Spaces, but Deshmukh, Jayapal and others are the first Clubhouse creators to build a tribe here, so they may not switch platforms. .. Deshmukh says that if there is “clubhouse fatigue”, that doesn’t apply to him. “With audio livestreaming, there’s little room for editing conversations or backspace. This format suits me.”

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Has Clubhouse peaked before it peaked?

Source link Has Clubhouse peaked before it peaked?

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