Haryana Maharashtra’s Most Expenditure BJP Fund Recovery: ADR

According to a recent report by the Democratic Reform Party (ADR), BJP funding and spending was the highest of all 11 parties during the 2019 Maharashtra and Haryana legislature votes.

According to ADR, BJP raised Rs 31.185 billion during the Maharashtra and Haryana votes from September to October 2019, Central Headquarters raised Rs 21.323 billion and Maharashtra units raised Rs 9.78 billion. Collected, the unit in Hariyana donated 820,000 rupees.

When it comes to spending, the Saffron Party was the first priority. BJP spent 102.46 rupees, Central Headquarters 91 rupees, Maharashtra 82.4 rupees and Haryana 19.14 rupees.

Looking at spending under various brains, BJP spent a total of 102.46 rupees in two states, of which 68.92 rupees were used for advertising, 32.28 rupees were used for travel expenses and 28.38 rupees were given to candidates. It was.

The report noted that BSP, SP and AAP collected 46.26 rupees, 4.48 rupees and 1.91 rupees from the central headquarters, respectively, and did not declare the amount from the state unit.

The SP said it spent Rs 21.69 from Central Headquarters while the Maharashtra and Haryana units were spending zero. Similarly, BSP paid a cost of 7.3 rupees.

ADR reports that in the case of MNS and JD-U, the parties also raised funds from the Central Headquarters, but only AIFB did not declare funding at the Central Headquarters, and state units were raised.

According to ADR, political parties have raised a total of Rs 26.67 billion at the central level through cash, checks, demand drafts and cash / bank interest. This was 72.51 percent of the total funding raised by political parties in the Maharashtra and Haryana legislatures. election.

In the state unit, political parties raised the largest amount of Rs. 9.872 billion from Maharashtra, according to the report. That was 26.84 percent of the total funding raised at the state level.

The most preferred method of collection is by check / DD, with the parties collecting Rs 366.22. This was 99.57 percent of the total funds collected at both the state and central levels. Moreover, 1.57 rupees were collected in cash by 11 political parties on a central headquarters and state basis.


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Haryana Maharashtra’s Most Expenditure BJP Fund Recovery: ADR

Source link Haryana Maharashtra’s Most Expenditure BJP Fund Recovery: ADR

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