Gunman kills 19 traders in Nigerian market raid

At least 19 people were killed in a market in northwestern Nigeria, where armed groups of cow thieves and kidnapper gangsters fired, according to officials and locals.

Northwestern and central Nigeria are plagued by criminal groups of cow thieves and kidnappers seeking a ransom called thieves who are attacking villages, killing, kidnapping, looting homes and burning. ..

Gangsters have targeted schools that abduct students.

Officials and locals said Friday they raided a market in the village of Wungwanlare in the Savonbilni district of Sokoto near the border with Niger.

“They attacked the market in the afternoon and killed 19 people,” said Aminu Al-Mustapha Gobir, a local lawmaker representing the district of Sokoto Parliament.

According to Gobir, who attended the funeral of two victims in the state capital, Sokoto, several people injured in the attack were taken to a hospital in Savonbilni.

Abubakar Shehu, a trader who escaped the attack, said about 20 people were killed and many others were seriously injured.

“They came around 3 pm after everyone returned from Friday’s prayer,” he said.

He said the attack could be in retaliation for the killing of 11 bandits by local vigilants fighting gangsters at a market in nearby Mamande village on Thursday.

News of the killing came late as telecommunications services in the area were shut down.

For several weeks, troops were conducting air and ground operations at an adjacent Zamfara bandit camp, and authorities shut down communications services to disrupt communications between gangs.

Bandits fleeing military operations in Zamfara set up a camp in the Sabon Birni district and raided the village from there.

Due to the influx of bandits from neighboring Zamfara, Sokoto authorities suspended the weekly market and closed the communications tower on the border with Zamfara, including Savonbilni.

Galva Moi, an internal security commissioner in Sokoto, confirmed the attack on Friday and accused the government of failing to comply with the government’s ban on the region’s weekly markets.

“We have observed violations of market outages in areas vulnerable to bandit attacks, including Sabon Birni,” Moyi said.

Seventeen Nigerian guards were killed last month when gunmen attacked a base in the village of Dama in Savonbirni, where troops accused Islamic state jihadists.

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Gunman kills 19 traders in Nigerian market raid

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