Ground Report: Employment and the economy are central to Barasat, West Bengal.

In the Barasat constituency in the North 24 Parganer district, which is bound by polls, better employment opportunities and economic development will be voted on April 17 in the fifth phase of polls in West Bengal. This is the priority area of ​​the contest.

The provincial government worked to expand the village’s road network, improve infrastructure and public distribution systems, and provided the Swasthya Sathi Health card, but in this minority-dominated elective district, tailoring, Zari craftsmanship. , Construction work, jewelry design is the main profession. After a blow from Covid-19-led restrictions, which many have seen lose their jobs, people are looking for relief.

Balasat supporters witness two round-the-corner battles between two TMC lawmakers Chiranjeet Chakraborty, Forward Bloc candidate Sanjib Chattopadhyay, and BJP candidate Shankar Chatterjee.

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  • Known as the AITC fortress, Barasat is an important seat for AITC. Mamata Banerjee addressed her first rally in Barasat after the Election Commission’s ban was lifted. During the rules on the left, the members were considered the base on the left.

    ET visited the village of Palpacria in the rural part of the constituency to talk to potential voters.

    The narrow Pucca road leads to the interior of the village. It is clear that the pandemic has hit the population. Some have been unemployed after returning from Gujarat and other states after the blockade last year, while few have much to do yet.

    “Distribution by good Pucca roads, Diddy and other facilities-how long will we survive in dolls? Young people need employment and work, and we cannot live on such dolls alone. Local youth Most of them have no jobs or little income, “said coffee shop owner Mohad Wahab Ali, chatting with young people in the neighborhood.

    Mr. Wahab, who claims to be a leftist supporter, said villagers in the area (both AITC and leftist supporters) drink tea together and do not quarrel despite having different political ideologies.

    Saddam Hossein, a 27-year-old worker skilled in gold design work, said he had previously worked in Gujarat. He returned to the village due to the blockade last year and is still unemployed. “I have been unemployed since the blockade last year. I have a wife, mother and family to take care of. I have worked in several places in Gujarat for the past 14 years and am now unemployed. I didn’t work there after the blockade, “Hossein said.

    “In Barasat, there are few job opportunities, few payments, and a poor working environment,” Hossein said.

    “Creating jobs and increasing job opportunities are the main areas of promotion,” Barasat Sanjib Chattopadhyay’s Forward Bloc candidate told ET.

    Many young people are trying to make a living, but others work as daily workers.

    “I’m learning a tailoring job. I couldn’t finish my studies because of poverty. My dad works as a worker,” said first-time voter Jameel Ali. ..

    However, in the Chhoto Jagulia Gram Panchayat area, the scenario looks a bit different. The village has more Pucca houses and concrete roads. Another minority, people in the area, say men work as tailors, drivers, construction workers, and masons.

    “There is so much construction work going on in the area under Prime Minister Awas Yojana that local masons and construction workers are doing a lot of work in the Panchayati area. We are happy with Diddy. And we are all her supporters, “said Arifari, a mason in the village of Chotajaglia.

    Abdulaziz, a farmer and TMC worker in the region, said: We grow crops and receive all the support from the government. ”

    Farida Bibi, a resident of the village of Bara Kazimakarpur, said:
    Duar Sarkar I have it at hand. I need a house now. I applied for the same. ”

    However, in the urban areas of the members, road congestion and poor drainage systems are immediate concerns. “The poor drainage system has long been a problem in the region,” said Khokon De, owner of the Barasat Trunk Road, which has been running teahouses for over 20 years. “Previously, we stood on the structure of a roadside drainage system that had to be dismantled during drainage work, but now things are better. Roads, drainage systems and streetlights are much better. . ”

    Two-time Barasat MLA, Chiranjeet Chakrborty, was not asked for comment.

    AITC’s Kakoli Ghoshdastidar defeated BJP candidate Mrinal Kanti Debnath to win the Barasat Lok Sabha Constituency by 1,09,983 votes in 2019.

    Ground Report: Employment and the economy are central to Barasat, West Bengal.

    Source link Ground Report: Employment and the economy are central to Barasat, West Bengal.

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