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Mumbai: The Great Lakes Institute of Management Chennai (GLIM) hosted the first TEDxGLIM Chennai 2021 on the eve of Valentine’s Day. It was the first time since the event was virtually held for the audience. The theme of this year’s event was “Shed the Layers”, showing that vulnerabilities are powerful and let you do yourself. Sarah Kashap (cross-country motorcycle rally racer), Dean de Menzes (Red founder is New Green and NGO activist), Vikram Podar (India’s first corporate stand-up comedian and Board) Well-known speaker Galima Avter (Extreme Rally Driver), including the founder of Room Comedian), graced the event and shared a moving story about being who she really is. They provided perspectives based on years of personal experience and observation. The event was attended by students and faculty members. The 2021 TEDxGLIM Chennai was sponsored by Coca-Cola.

During the event, the speakers touched on some appropriate questions that we all face somewhere in our lives. Ms. Sarah Kashap talked about the unmanageable incompatibility and how she never gave in to stereotypes. She also helps break down the stereotypes of how she believes in gathering experience, and that no one can tell you that you can’t live on your own, her time in London. I did. She summarized it in some very famous words: “It’s not over until it’s over.” She advised the audience to step into the unknown and wear your mistakes on their sleeves. Her mantra for “Shed the Layers” is “Rediscover your potential and keep punching.” Later, at this event, we witnessed the presence of a young and dynamic Ms Deane De Menzes, who was tasked with turning the Indian era forward and breaking the stigma around it. She shared from her experience that there are 355 million mensulators in India, some celebrating this natural physical phenomenon and some painful to hear. For her, “Shed the Layers” meant Purdah, the removal of layers of mystery, secrets, and false information around the times. She talked about how Indian women can empower others and pave the way for a real life. She emphasized three layers to shed. He first talked about his personal menstrual experience and denied the fact that knowledge sharing was still lacking. That’s a bad thing and shouldn’t be talked about. There is no discussion about it when you are growing up. Second, she is absent from school for five days due to a lack of products and education in an era of community-menstrual relationships, social impact, and a step away from financial independence. I talked about being forced to do that. The third layer she emphasized is the network and how it can help women in society in the presence of constant dialogue. She encouraged the audience to become an educational beacon, remove restraints, and normalize conversations during periods that help give the female masses of our country new confidence.

Next, when Vikram Poddar took the central stage, the event was full of humor and wisdom. He talked about the existence of invisible layers around him and how the book became his companion to get rid of these layers. He suggested that we should open up our own way to get a perspective on the important things in life. He talked about how he added popularity and public speaking to his life and also incorporated a layer of survival into his life. His mantra for “Shed the Layers” is to adapt “Love You Zindagi”. At this event, Galima Avter talked about self-actualization to help her do the right thing in life and witnessed the last speaker. She also emphasized how we confront our deepest fears and challenges, and how she started motorsport in her life despite being a single mother and was free from social judgment. She emphasized that all learning and experience is important and should not cause self-doubt and self-questioning. Her idea of ​​”dropping” is to adjust herself, build better resilience, understand her limits, and know herself better than others.

Dr. Suresh Ramanathan, Dean of the Great Lakes Institute of Management, said during the event: First of all, I would like to thank the respected speakers who helped me and the audience identify our inherent prejudices. They showed us a mirror of how we look at ourselves and how we judge people. They removed these restraints and showed us the way to cross the journey of integrity and satisfaction. Overcoming the hurdles These amazing stories will inspire us into the future and will greatly help us break down the barriers to thinking about others. We would also like to thank the wonderful audience for learning a lot from our guest speakers and using this knowledge to build a better future.

Great Lakes Institute of Management “Sheds the Layers” at Virtual TEDx Conference | India Education, Education News India, Education News

Source link Great Lakes Institute of Management “Sheds the Layers” at Virtual TEDx Conference | India Education, Education News India, Education News

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