Government sees endangered opportunity by imposing GST on COVID vaccines and medicines: Congress

Parliament on Wednesday accused the government of seeing a crisis opportunity by imposing GST on COVID vaccines and medicines, and claimed to have collected more than 6,000 rupees from such taxes. Parliamentary spokesman Gaurav Vallabh also argued that if the government took action at the right time, the second wave of coronavirus would not hit India and saved people’s lives.

He urged the government to stop spreading aggressiveness and image-building and focus on dealing with pandemics and immunizing all Indians to defeat the virus.

“This is a’crisis opportunity’government looking for opportunities by collecting a tax of 6,000 rupees on medicines, vaccines and oxygen concentrators,” he said in an online press conference.

“The government should not miss the last bus and should act now. Defeat the coronavirus if all Indians have a vaccine policy to be vaccinated in the next 6 months. Only we can do it, “he said.

Vallabh collects 5% for vaccines, 12% for remdesivir and other medicines, oxygen concentrators, 18% for disinfectants, and 28 GSTs while people want vaccines, oxygen, and life-saving drugs. I insisted that I was doing it. Ambulance percentage.

“If GST is removed from these mandatory items, exempting items such as remdesivir, oxygen concentrators, vaccines, etc. will provide relief of over Rs 6000. Exemption from them is not justified.” He said.

Parliamentary leaders said they could buy a 12-Rakı oxygen concentrator or install a 1.20-Rakı new ventilator in hospitals across the country from the same Rs 600 billion.

With this amount, it is possible to vaccinate 2 billion rupees of people and set up six more laboratories like AIIMS in the country.

“The BJP government’s response to the current crisis at the center is nothing short of terrible. Total mismanagement, lazy approach, foresight, readiness, mispriority and empathy are passed by the central government. It’s a word. How they dealt with this current crisis. They betrayed the trust given to them by the swarm of Indians, “he claimed.

“Their arrogant and apologetic attitude has spurred the plight of Indian Karol every day. People who died due to lack of oxygen, oxygen concentrators are not available, remdesivir and other major drugs are procured. I read the tragic news of those who find it very difficult to do. “He further insisted.

He said “voices of sanity” from across the country, including various prime ministers, are calling on the government to reduce the GST tax rate on major medical products such as vaccines, oxygen concentrators and ventilators. It was.

“On the contrary, the government is looking for opportunities to make money in times of crisis. The Treasury has a weak argument to justify the current GST tax rate,” he said.

“The Parliamentary Party again demands that the central government exempt all COVID-19 related medical items from GST. Taxes will be levied to benefit citizens. Citizens will benefit directly from GST exemption. If you can get it, why not give them a profit? Directly. ”

Government sees endangered opportunity by imposing GST on COVID vaccines and medicines: Congress

Source link Government sees endangered opportunity by imposing GST on COVID vaccines and medicines: Congress

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