Google postpones Chrome blocking tracking cookies until late 2023

Alphabet Inc’s company said Thursday that Google’s Chrome web browser will not completely block tracking cookies until late 2023, delaying the move that has caused antitrust concerns from competitors and regulators by nearly two years. It was.

Starting January 2022, Google wanted to ban large numbers of advertising personalization companies from collecting your browsing interests via cookies.

As a result of the survey, the UK’s Competitive Markets Authority (CMA) agreed with Google this month to oversee Chrome’s changes. Google said the new timeline is in line with the agreement.

In a blog post, Chrome’s director of privacy engineering, Vinay Goel, said, “We need to act responsibly, have public debate about the right solution, and have enough time for publishers and the advertising industry to migrate their services. “.

I was not able to contact the CMA immediately for comment on Thursday.

The US Department of Justice also investigated Chrome and cookies, Reuters reported.

The European Union’s competition committee said on Wednesday that it was also under investigation.

Google is working with the advertising industry on technology that can replace the cookie tracking feature while better protecting online privacy.

We are currently aiming to phase out tracking cookies from mid-2023 if we select a new method, final test it, and if CMA approves it by the second half of next year.

Critics are questioning the effectiveness of the alternatives. They add that Google can continue to collect similar data through YouTube, search and other popular systems, so it can only benefit from the elimination of what is known as third-party cookies. .. The benefits of the data can help Google attract more advertisers.

Apple Inc’s Safari browser has made similar changes, but Chrome is more widely used in the United States and Europe.

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Google postpones Chrome blocking tracking cookies until late 2023

Source link Google postpones Chrome blocking tracking cookies until late 2023

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