Google, Facebook Mediate Illegal Transactions to Gain Control in Advertising Market: Proceedings

Google and Facebook’s top bosses were directly involved in approving the allegedly illegal 2018 transaction to solidify control of the online advertising market, a US court document said Friday.

The record is part of an antitrust proceeding by the U.S. State Coalition targeting Google, making serious claims against the Big Tech giant, who has long been accused of holding a monopoly. There is.

According to state accusations, online search colossus eliminates competition by manipulating ad auctions, a super-sophisticated system that determines which ads appear on web pages based on the anonymized profile of Internet users. I tried.

Legal documents filed in court in New York explicitly mention Sundar Pichai, chief of Google’s parent company Alphabet, and Facebook executives Sheryl Sandberg and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, even if their names have been edited.

“Google CEO Sundar Pichai also personally approved the terms of the deal,” the proceedings said.

The document said the financial terms were emailed to Facebook’s CEO and he was advised that he was “almost ready to sign and needs your approval to move forward.” I am.

Google didn’t respond to a request for comment on Friday, but categorically denied manipulating the digital advertising market.

The proceedings were amended for the third time and did not list Facebook or its parent company Meta as a defendant.

“Meta’s non-exclusive bidding agreement with Google, and similar agreements with other bidding platforms, helped intensify the competition for advertising,” a spokeswoman said in response to an AFP inquiry.

“These business relationships allow Meta to offer more value to advertisers while rewarding publishers for better results for everyone.”

According to Filing, Google internally calls the deal “Jedi Blue,” whose color refers to the Facebook logo.

“A rational developer would not choose the two biggest buyers in the market to fraudulently auction,” the proceedings said.

“So Google and Facebook have vowed to keep the terms of their agreement secret.”

Antitrust proceedings are one of three proceedings that involve Google in many ways.

The US government filed a blockbuster lawsuit last October, accusing Google of maintaining an “illegal monopoly” in online search and advertising.

It is the country’s largest antitrust proceeding in decades, opening the door to the potential collapse of Silicon Valley giants.

According to eMarketer, Google’s advertising revenue continues to grow, but its share of the fast-growing US online advertising market is declining under pressure from competitors such as Facebook and Amazon.

This story is published from the news agency feed without changing the text. Only the heading has changed.

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Google, Facebook Mediate Illegal Transactions to Gain Control in Advertising Market: Proceedings

Source link Google, Facebook Mediate Illegal Transactions to Gain Control in Advertising Market: Proceedings

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