Good news!The Modi government cuts Remdesivir MRP in half with a retro effect — how much this will cost you now

According to official sources, the government has brought great relief to hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 patients, reducing the price of “life-saving” remdesivir injections by nearly 50% to Rs 2,450 per injection.

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Late Friday, the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the NPPA-Advisor (Cost) NI Chowdhury ordered all pharmaceutical companies to immediately and retroactively comply with the revised standards.

“Based on Form-V provided for voluntary reduction of Remdesivir’s maximum retail price (MRP), Remdesivir manufacturers / distributors implement revised MRP throughout the distribution chain, regardless of batch number. You will be instructed to do so. “The strict notice said.

The day after Maharashtra barrister Vinod Tiwari demanded that Remdesivir be placed under DPCO, given the suspicion of shortages, black marketing and corruption, the decision was made in just one day, due to the high demand for injections. It was done. In the second wave of the ongoing Covid Pandemic. IANS first highlighted this issue exclusively on April 15th.

Welcomed by the center’s move, barrister Tiwali has been forced to cough huge amounts from the black market, recognizing the suffering of millions of people struggling to get Remdesivir by the government. Said it was a good thing.

“Now that MPRs have been cut in half and even lower in some companies, people can easily breathe, and the pharmaceutical sector can exploit the vulnerable masses during this crisis. Will be freed from, “the winning barrister Tiwali told IANS.

Center orders are from Cadila Healthcare Ltd., Cipla Ltd., Dr. Reddy`s Laboratories Ltd., Hetero Labs Ltd., Jubilant Pharma Ltd., Mylan Laboratories Ltd., Syngene International Ltd. Sent to the manufacturer.

Under new standards, state FDA sources say that pharmaceutical companies, in addition to the healthcare system, will bring significant benefits to desperate patients or their families existing stocks in the market at modified prices. I’m telling you that I’ll even sell it.

Barrister Tiwari petitioned the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), a statutory authority under the Drug Price Control Order (DPCO), to “high-level investigation into artificial scarcity, hoarding, black marketing, and drug misuse. In the last 10 months since the drug was launched after the pandemic was declared, it is possible to hit a racket of more than 25,000 rupees under the nose of NPPA.

By the way, Maharashtra was the first state to try to keep Remdesivir within the DPCO range, but it is reportedly disturbed by centers and others.

Questioning why NPPA did not comply with the legal liability of placing Remdesivir under the DPCO administration, barrister Tiwali was issued under the Mandatory Commodity Act in accordance with the DPCO Act of 1995, and the center is medically important. He pointed out that he was authorized to include items. Like today’s Remdesivir, it manages manufacturing, inventory, distribution, sales, etc. within the DPCO list, making it easily available to patients at a reasonable price.

“The Covid pandemic has afflicted the greatest humanity since 2020. Why did NPPA wait so long? Who was responsible and what was the unfavorable motive behind the delay?” Barrister Tiwari demanded did.

He was sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Maharashtra Uddhav Thackley, Federal Minister DV Sadananda Gouda, Harsh Vardhan, Mansuf Mandaviya, the Central Alert Committee and relevant departments for hearing.

In serious fallout, CVC swiftly pays attention to barrister Tiwali’s petition and moves in the “medical mafia”, which is causing havoc for patients in need of 6 under the “deficiency” of Remdesivir. Even when I was, I asked him to submit the details. Dose for Covid treatment (injection).

Barrister Tiwali cited an example of a pharmaceutical company escaping people with various brands of Remdesivir-Cipremi sells for Rs 4,000, but is offered to distributors for only Rs 1,080 + GST, Covifar Sold for Rs 5,400. It was Rs 935 + GST, Desrem purchased at Rs 935 + GST ​​but sold at Rs 4,800, and Redyx purchased at Rs 900 + GST ​​but sold to patients at Rs 5,400.

He calls it the center’s “short-sighted” and powerful NPPA, which can easily offset domestic costs when pharmaceutical companies are given the benefits of compulsory export obligations, and Remdesivir offers it for free. It may have been done. It was a cost or nominal price for Indian patients, but this was not done intentionally.His story was taken from a news agency

Good news!The Modi government cuts Remdesivir MRP in half with a retro effect — how much this will cost you now

Source link Good news!The Modi government cuts Remdesivir MRP in half with a retro effect — how much this will cost you now

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