Golden Globe Awards Voter Approves Drastic Reform After Racist Column | English Movie News

The organization, which was hit by a scandal behind the Golden Globe Awards for film and television on Thursday, voted for a radical reform after being accused by Hollywood for its record of diversity.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a group of more than 90 international journalists exercising massive influence for the prestigious Globe, has been upset since a February report revealed zero black members. doing.

A group of more than 100 Tinsel Town spokespersons wrote to the HFPA in March, demanding the end of “discriminatory behavior, non-professionalism, ethical inadequacy, and suspected financial corruption.” Participated in criticism from the Time’s Up group.

On Thursday, the HFPA overwhelmingly approved the reform package, including a 50% increase in membership over the next 18 months. This includes more black journalists, hires diversity consultants, and ends the infamous strict and opaque restrictions on who can enter.

“Today’s overwhelming vote to reform the association reaffirms our commitment to change,” HFPA President Ali Saar said in a statement.

“We understand the urgency and issues of transparency, so we continually update our members as we move forward to make our organization more comprehensive and diverse,” he writes. ..

“Once again, we understand that hard work is about to begin. We are dedicated to becoming a better organization and an example of industry diversity, transparency and accountability. I will. ”

One HFPA member who asked not to be nominated told AFP that “very few said no or abstained-the majority said yes” to the change.

“I’m very relieved. We need to change and we need to improve ourselves to survive,” the members told AFP.

-Uneven track record-The Golden Globe Awards are second only to Oscar in the Hollywood Film Awards season, but boycott threats to some of the HFPA controversies question their future position. ..

Former President Philip Berk was banished last month for forwarding an email dubbed Black Lives Matter as a “hate movement,” and two consultants hired to address the HFPA diversity issue have made progress. I resigned because of lack.

Most HFPA members work regularly in well-known media, but eliminating countless well-meaning journalists has been scrutinized.

And more broadly, the organization’s track record of overlooking black and minority-led movies and television series on the globe is often criticized.

However, the studio remains enthusiastic about ensuring that HFPA voters can see their films and shows, according to people who have spoken about the issue on condition of anonymity.

And in March, HFPA had positive news, and a Norwegian entertainment journalist’s antitrust proceedings accused non-members of interfering with luxury benefits and unparalleled access to Hollywood stars) in a California trial It was rejected by the official.

Golden Globe Awards Voter Approves Drastic Reform After Racist Column | English Movie News

Source link Golden Globe Awards Voter Approves Drastic Reform After Racist Column | English Movie News

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