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We shape the building.Then they shape us

Infrastructure is one of the most important tools for any university, along with other requirements such as quality-based education, hands-on exposure, and additional curriculum.

Studies show that the most important element of a good academic infrastructure that even contributes to their careers is- Buildings, classrooms, laboratories, equipment.

The University of GLA covers 110 acres of land and is home to more than 10,000 applicants, of whom approximately 5,000 are staying at hostels on campus. It has a state-of-the-art infrastructure consisting of air-conditioned IT-enabled classrooms, meeting rooms, and staff cabins. The university has a variety of Centers of Excellence and Wi-Fi is enabled throughout the campus. From classrooms to playgrounds, laboratories to libraries, hostels to cafeterias, everything at GLA is very focused, taking into account student needs.

auditorium-GLA University has 227 classrooms built like an amphitheater, allowing teachers to pay equal attention to all students. 65 of these are tutorial rooms. Internet facilities are also available on university computers.


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cafeteria-Food is what makes you healthy and enthusiastic. We at GLA believe in HHH (Healthy, Hygienic and Homestyle). Health-We want our students to eat healthy, live healthy and look healthy. Hygienic-We believe that food alone is not enough for the body. Hygienic food is our priority. Home Style-Students living in hostels need to feel away from home.



GLA believes in the constant mental and physical growth of students. In addition to academic knowledge, extracurricular activities are equally important. The campus has space dedicated to all major outdoor games such as soccer, cricket, hockey, badminton, basketball, volleyball and athletics. GLA enhances the skills of students who are passionate about sports. We have done our best to provide our students with almost all sports facilities.

There are athletics stadiums, badminton courts, basketball courts, cricket grounds, soccer grounds, handball grounds, volleyball courts, chess halls, table tennis halls and lawn tennis. Hostels have the added benefit of being able to practice on-site after class. The discipline, diligence and team skills associated with every sport are at the highest level of the university, and GLA’s various sports teams are praised by other institutions.

Library-The library is the most important way to access knowledge. Here at GLA is the Central Library, the hub of university information services. We provide students with both digital and print capabilities.

We are doing our best to provide our students with books in all disciplines. Our university’s central library is a member of DELNET, which connects more than 5,000 libraries nationwide, and is also a member of the National Digital Library.

Laboratory-The theory is incomplete without a real implementation. Therefore, we provide the best practical knowledge through advanced laboratories.

GLA University has a total of 157 well-equipped laboratories that give students the opportunity to experience a variety of new technologies and gain a hands-on understanding of how a particular phenomenon works. can do.



A place that can be called a house even if it is far away

GLA University offers its outstation candidates well-equipped hostel facilities. Separate facilities for boys and girls, caring guards, and strict security ensure a comfortable stay and allow you to focus on your studies. We have a hostel for 15 boys with a capacity of over 4300 boys and a hostel for 4 girls with a seating capacity of 1400 girls. The newly built 800-room hostel has been named one of the 11 best architectural designs in the world by the global architectural community UK. The hostel is divided into five four-level blocks, woven along the grounds in a pattern inspired by the streets of the city.Historical center



All hostels on campus are equipped with a gymnasium and fitness center for both girls and boys. Equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes and the latest health-conscious tools are freely available to students and faculty and staff to enjoy the same benefits.


The essential purpose of Aarogyam is to maintain an overall approach to the physical health of students, faculty and support staff. We aim to provide all workers and residents on the GLA campus with prompt and effective medical, surgical and psychosocial support 24/7.

Research and innovation

GLA University offers tremendous intellectual opportunities to demonstrate areas of research and innovation.

Entrepreneurship Cell- GLA University Entrepreneurship Cell is a non-profit, strategically innovative value-driven organization run by student entrepreneurs with a focus on influencing the minds of young people.

NewGen IEDC-New Generation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center (NewGen IEDC) is a program initiated by the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Commission (NSTEDB) of the Government of India’s Ministry of Science and Technology (DST). NewGenIEDC encourages and supports the creation of startups through guidance, mentorship and support, innovation and entrepreneurship among young S & T students.

CSED – Industry 4.0 Facility

GLA University has worked with Dysmech Competency Services (DCS) to establish a functional industry, the Skills and Entrepreneurship Development Center (CSED), on campus. In this industry, students can experience the industry ecosystem with project-based learning programs.

GLAU’s CSED is working on skills development as an industry partner to fill the gap. We call it the industry within the laboratory.

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GLA Infrastructure-Times of India

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