Germany’s CureVac faces delays in Covid vaccine trials, Health News and ET Health World

Frankfurt: The coronavirus vaccine being developed by CureVac in Germany is facing a delay in late trials as it struggles to wait for enough participants to catch Covid, officials said on Friday. I told you.

CureVac will initially seek approval for jabs in Europe in the second quarter, with Germany having 1.4 million doses by the end of June.

However, Health Minister Jens Spawn expects that Baden-W├╝rttemberg’s Health Minister Manfred Luca has told AFP to confirm previous reports and that regulatory approvals will come to regional counterparts by August. He said it wasn’t done.

Rucha, the state where CureVac’s T├╝bingen headquarters are located, told local media that the trial had “complications.”

According to Mannheimer Morgen, the German government, which promised to provide jabs to all adults by late September, no longer expects CureVac to play a role in the current inoculation drive.

The German Ministry of Health declined to comment further, but said it would “include CureVac in the campaign” when the vaccine turned green.

Like the highly effective vaccine developed by its faster rivals BioNTech / Pfizer and Moderna, CureVac Shot is based on new mRNA technology.

The German company, founded in 2000 by mRNA pioneer Ingmar Hoerr, announced in late May interim results that an independent analysis found no “safety concerns” for the vaccine.

However, the effectiveness results have not yet been announced.

To complete the trial, which involves approximately 40,000 volunteers from Europe and Latin America, CureVac requires at least 111 participants to become infected with the virus.

We were planning to reach our goal in late May or early June and seek approval, but the procedure has been delayed due to lower infection rates.

A CureVac spokeswoman told AFP that the company expects to collect enough data “by the end of June.”

Testing is complicated by the spread of viral variants that were not a problem with early Covid vaccines.

In the CureVac trial, each coronavirus case is sequenced to determine the mutant and the effect of the shot on it. The company says this process will take some time.

Despite lagging behind the vaccine competition, CureVac believes it is superior to its mRNA competitors.

CureVac products can be stored at standard refrigerator temperatures, unlike first-generation Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which require ultra-low temperature freezers.

CureVac vaccines also require lower doses, enabling faster and cheaper mass production.

The European Union has up to 405 million doses of CureVac vaccine.

Germany’s CureVac faces delays in Covid vaccine trials, Health News and ET Health World

Source link Germany’s CureVac faces delays in Covid vaccine trials, Health News and ET Health World

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