Genotypic Technology has partnered with PMC to carry out rapid COVID-19 testing

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Genotypic Technology has announced a partnership with Premier Medical Corporation (PMC) US for the distribution of rapid antigen and antibody kits. PMC is a manufacturer of rapid testing for various diseases such as malaria, HIV, hepatitis B and C, dengue fever and syphilis, and has an ISO certified manufacturing facility in Gujarat, India. Genotype worked with PMC during the first wave of COVID-19 to develop a COVID-19 diagnostic product that would help screen SARSCoV-2 in less than 20 minutes.

Rapid antibody testing can be used to decipher a person’s immune response and determine if the person has antibodies to SARSCoV-2, usually after COVID-19 infection or vaccination. Rapid antibody testing was also used to monitor SARS-CoV-2 and helped identify the chain of transmission of undetected disease.

“Rapid Antigen and Antibody kits are CE marked, ICMR approved, and antigen testing is also listed in the Emergency Use List (EUL) category by WHO.) These diagnostic products are Genotypic and other governments and Performance benchmarks have been performed by reputable private laboratories, showing high specificity and sensitivity compared to other diagnostic products available on the market, “notified the company’s release.

Dr. Raja Mugasimangalam, Founder and CEO of Genotypic Technology, said of the announcement: Expand point-of-care tests to minimize spread, reduce waiting time for results, and enable immediate quarantine. Antigen cards are great for protecting educational institutions, workplaces and events. I strongly believe that rapid inspection will open the door for the travel and tourism industry to return to business after the second wave of COVID-19. We have used antigen and antibody tests to protect the genotype, Dhitiomics, and QTLomics workplaces. Genotypic has worked with several technology companies to provide SARS-CoV-2 sequencing solutions to over 1400 COVID test laboratories in India. “

Niilesh Mehta, CEO and President of Premier Medical Corporation, New Jersey, USA, added:PMC and Genotypic are working together to develop an antigen and antibody kit for COVID-19 and work with the community to accelerate testing according to new guidelines. In addition to this, we plan to jointly develop a new protein for the differential diagnosis of various infectious diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya fever, Zika fever, and Ebola fever. “

Genotypic Technology has partnered with PMC to carry out rapid COVID-19 testing

Source link Genotypic Technology has partnered with PMC to carry out rapid COVID-19 testing

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