Generations of families are choosing guinea pig clinical trials! , Health News, ET HealthWorld

Ahmedabad: I picked up a rag and earned 100 to 200 rupees. So, a few years ago, when agents arrived locally and offered thousands of rupees to participate in clinical trials, residents scrambled to accept the proposal. Rs 5,000 was more than I earned after a month of hard work.

Currently, nearly half of the 250+ families in the Larbangla-Nernagar region in the Hatokeshwar region of eastern Ahmedabad will become guinea pigs for clinical trials of human drug testing for a payment of 5,000-20,000 rupees depending on the trial. I am applying regularly. Ironically, despite the many health problems that have arisen, the lack of good work opportunities has led even the second generation to endanger their lives for survival. increase.

The McWana family is a good example. Twenty years ago, Shakuri McWana, who recently became a widow and was responsible for raising her son with one hand, dared to enroll in a clinical trial. The widow determined that she was worth the risk of a stunning payment of 5,000 rupees that she could use to educate her only son, Sanjay.

Bold Shakuri applied for 15 trials over the years when she suffered no major disadvantage.

Today, repeated experiments have hit her health. “She is not my healthy and happy mother. She began to suffer from constant dizziness, weakness, fever and even memory loss. She is just her shadow,” said Shakuri McWana’s son Sanjay. Says.

Ironically, Shakuri’s poor health forced Sanjay to drop out of school and pick up a rag, but 50-100 rupees per day was not enough to put food and medicine on the plate. There was no. So when the agent approached Sanjay as part of a clinical trial, Sanjay signed up. “I needed money to treat my mother and get married,” he says.

Sanjay started the trial in 2015. “I earn 5,000 rupees for each trial. I could never pick up a rag so much. I got married with the money I raised in the trial. After that, my wife Jashi also started attending the trial,” Sanjay said. Says. He confesses that his health has been hit hard by repeated drug experiments.

“I experienced high fever, nausea, and headaches after the test. Previously, I could walk 6-8km to collect plastic waste and rags. I always felt dazzled and had seizures. I’m suffering, “he adds.

Local resident Naresh McWana and his father Prakash underwent clinical trials near Gota. “My dad started going to these studies, and I joined later because I wanted to build a house in Pucca and marry my sister Bella,” said a skin rash and intermittent fever after the test. Says Naresh.

His sister Bella also participated in the study and suffers from gynecological and stomach-related problems. “I’m still unmarried at the age of 32 because of my poor health,” she reveals.

Local NGO volunteer Lakshmi Vagera said poor people are ready to test experimental drugs at prices in areas where there are residents who rely primarily on picking up rags for their livelihoods. It is said to be a fertile point for recruiting.

“It’s difficult for people to make a living, which allows agents in clinical research institutions to easily recruit them to participate in clinical research, which they call” research, “” says Lakshmi. ..

According to Lakshmi, the whole family is in this trap. “There are about 100 people in the area who are enrolled in clinical studies but are unaware of possible complications because they are unable to get the right job and suffer from health problems. , Multiple generations have become involved in this, “she said.

Generations of families are choosing guinea pig clinical trials! , Health News, ET HealthWorld

Source link Generations of families are choosing guinea pig clinical trials! , Health News, ET HealthWorld

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