Gasoline and diesel prices are below Rs 100 in some cities today.Check fuel prices here

The federal government has announced a reduction in excise tax on automobile fuel, 5 rupees for gasoline and 10 rupees for diesel. After the decision, some states governed by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and its allies also reduced value-added tax (VAT) on gasoline and diesel prices, but fuel prices were 100 rupees in most Indian cities. It continues to soar beyond.

Gasoline and diesel prices were flat across India for the 23rd consecutive day on Friday, November 26th. Earlier this month, on November 4, the federal government cut sales taxes on both major fuels and lowered interest rates slightly from record highs. Since then, fuel costs have been stagnant.

Gasoline is currently sold for Rs 103.97 in Delhi. Diesel prices were Rs 86.67, according to price notices from the State Oil Sales Company (OMC). In Mumbai, gasoline is currently sold at Rs 109.98 per liter. Diesel is priced at Rs 94.14 per liter. Note that on May 29, this year, the country’s financial capital became the first subway in a country where gasoline was retailed in excess of 100 rupees per liter.

Gasoline can be purchased in Chennai for Rs 101.40 per liter. The price of 1 liter of diesel on Friday was 91.43 rupees per liter.

In Kolkata, the price of 1 liter of gasoline is 104.67 rupees and the price of diesel is 101.56 rupees per liter.

Gasoline is now available for purchase in Bhopal for Rs 107.23 after soaring to 116.98 per liter last month. This is a reduction of 6.27 rupees. Similarly, 1 liter of diesel sold for Rs 106.38 during the same period and is now selling for Rs 90.87 per liter.

Meanwhile, global oil prices have fallen by more than 1% amid concerns that the surplus will expand in the first quarter following the coordinated release of crude oil reserves by the United States. According to the latest update, Brent crude futures fell 96 cents (1.2%) in the third session to $ 81.26 a barrel by 0130 Greenwich Mean Time. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude in the United States followed this trend at $ 77.04 a barrel, down $ 1.35 (1.7%), Reuters reported.

Below are the prices of diesel and petrol in these metro and Tier II cities of the country.


Gasoline-109.98 rupees per liter

Diesel-94.14 rupees per liter


Gasoline-103.97 rupees per liter

Diesel-86.67 rupees per liter


Gasoline-101.40 rupees per liter

Diesel-91.43 rupees per liter


Gasoline-104.67 rupees per liter

Diesel-89.79 rupees per liter


Gasoline-107.23 rupees per liter

Diesel-90.87 rupees per liter


Gasoline-108.20 rupees per liter

Diesel-94.62 rupees per liter


Gasoline-100.58 rupees per liter

Diesel-85.01 rupees per liter


Gasoline-94.58 rupees per liter

Diesel-81.29 rupees per liter


Gasoline-95.28 rupees per liter

Diesel-86.80 rupees per liter


Gasoline-95.35 rupees per liter

Diesel-89.33 rupees per liter


Gasoline-106.36 rupees per liter

Diesel-93.47 rupees per liter

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Gasoline and diesel prices are below Rs 100 in some cities today.Check fuel prices here

Source link Gasoline and diesel prices are below Rs 100 in some cities today.Check fuel prices here

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