fyup: DUFY UP synchronizes with NEP2020

The Executive Council (EC) of the University of Delhi (DU) favors the full implementation of NEP 2020 from the following academic year 2022-23, with discussions on the implementation of the four-year undergraduate program (FYUP). I did. Resurfaced at university.

Where it started

The FYUP policy was first introduced in DU in 2013. Dinesh Singh, a former vice president of DU, who pioneered FYUP in 2013, said: They are industry responsive and research oriented. ”

“The tech giant approached the university with a request to hire a significant number of undergraduate students. After interviewing about 1,200 candidates, they left only a handful of final hires. “He said. This is the seed of the idea that brings the concept of an overall development-based education system, Shin says.


Voting was successful

Everything included

Under NEP 2020, FYUP uses mixed (online and offline) mode learning and credit banks to allow multiple entrance and exit points. Students can also choose to stick to a three-year course or proceed to a four-year course if they wish to have a research-based UG program.

Singh states that FYUP 2013 provided a similar structure. “The dropout rate was very high in the second year. In 2013, we provided diplomas to students who completed the second year and made it possible to keep credit banks. They left it. From there they had the freedom to resume their education whenever possible, and the bank of credits students collect during the first three years allowed them to choose or choose a master’s degree at the end of the third year. You can enroll in the fourth year accordingly, “he states.

At that time and now

DU registrar Rajeev Gupta said in 2013 there was a discrepancy between FYUP and NEP 1986, followed by it. “This led to confusion among students, protests, and ultimately policy rollbacks. This time, FYUP will be introduced in full synchronization with NEP 2020. It makes all the difference in acceptance, “he adds.

Also, in the 2013 edition, students only earned a degree at the end of the course, Gupta adds. “We provide awards to students at the end of each year of the UG program. This gives students flexibility, encourages dropouts at all levels and is appropriate for any reason. You can rejoin the course whenever you feel like it, “he says.

In addition, DU was the first and only Higher Education Institution (HEI) to introduce FYUP in 2013, adversely affecting FYUP. “At NEP2020, all HEIs are required to implement FYUP. There is no arguing, so all institutions will introduce FYUP, make mistakes, learn from it, and move towards a better education system. We will move on, “says Gupta.

Workload issues

FYUP helps students get out of the memorization system. “The flexibility of combining honors degree courses in math, Sanskrit, Hindi, etc. with minor courses in computer, biotechnology, and literature allows students to explore innovative aspects in 2013 as well. The format has been adopted, which makes students more research-oriented, “he says.

Rajbray, president of the University of Delhi Teachers Association (DUTA), said diluting the three-year course into a four-year format will ease the burden on teachers. “Students have the option of pursuing minor courses from sources they deem appropriate, which impacts both the quality of education and the workload of teachers. Reduced workloads also tend to hire university teachers. It has an impact, “he adds.

Shin adds that the government has clear authority over the workload of both students and teachers, so everyone should be fine with overweight.

Main issues

Teachers need to be properly oriented, says Shin. “At FYUP, the main responsibility rests with the teachers’ shoulders, so they are given enough time to get out of the mold that has been comfortable for many years and can rebuild the course curriculum to make it a knowledge base. Must be, “he adds.

Ray says teachers need to be given the course curriculum details for NEP-oriented academic sessions as soon as possible. “Universities need government support and funding to build the right infrastructure to enable FYUP,” he adds.

fyup: DUFY UP synchronizes with NEP2020

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