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“Bullet Thali” is so named because the person who finished it won the Royal Enfield Bullet bike equivalent to Rs1.65 Lakhs.

Bicycle enthusiasts and foodies all set themselves apart from Hotel Sibrazi in Bagemmaval on the Old Man by Pune Highway in Pune.The restaurants are lined up with huge banners 5 Royal Enfield Bullet 350 bikes On the veranda, they will be distributed free of charge to those who can pass through the entire thali, each named “bullet thali”.

Atul Waikar, the owner of the hotel, a foodie and enthusiastic biker, called on cyclists to take part in this Thali Challenge and issued this notice outside the hotel. Outside the eateries, there are five new Bullet bikes worth Rs 1.65 to 1.70, ready to give to anyone who can pass Bullet Thali.


The only catch line is that in order to be declared a winner, one must go through a complete non-vegetarian “bullet thali” consisting of 12 dishes made of. 60 minutes flat with 4 kg mutton and fish.. According to the owner, about 65 thali are sold daily.

Each thali, priced at Rs 2,500, consists of 16 starters and entrees such as Thermai Fry, Pomfret Fish Fry, Shrimp Billiani, Solkadi, Chicken Succa, Dry Mutton and Mutton Masala.

Bullet thali
Bullet Thali is so large that it requires two servers to serve the table.

Many people came and tried to end this thali, but failed. Mumbai Police Deputy Secretary Ashok Jadhav said he was trying to end the thali in hopes of winning the Bullet bike. Dr. Rihanna F. Irani, a foodie and bike enthusiast who is a Pune medico, also said he would try this challenge.

One winner escapes with 350 free bullets

Even if many tried and failed this challenge, one of Solapur managed to get rid of Bullet Thali cleanly. Last week, Somnath Pawar from Solapur entered the restaurant and ordered Bullet Thali.

He polished the thali in an hour and handed him the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 as a prize, which was ironic to all customers. However, 4 more bikes to win..

This is not the first time Wyker has taken on such an innovative challenge. He started the restaurant eight years ago and now offers Bakasur Chicken Thali, Circer Mutton Thali, Pahelwan Mutton Thali and Malvani Fish Thali for 2,500 rupees each.The· Special Labantry Part of last year’s challenge, the winner brought back Rs.5,000 in competition with Thali and the bill was abandoned.


Free new Royal Enfield bullets

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