Former Ubiquity employee charged with hacking and blackmail

A former New York-based employee of Ubiquity was arrested on suspicion of stealing sensitive data from a radio technology company and using it to demand a ransom of nearly $ 2 million, according to federal prosecutors.

Nicholas Sharp, 36, was arrested in Portland, Oregon, where he lives. He was charged in federal court in Manhattan. The most serious accusation against him, wire fraud, is sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

Sharp’s lawyer, Nick Wooldridge, wasn’t immediately asked for comment.

According to the complaint, in December 2020, Sharp used a virtual private network to hide his location and repeatedly downloaded gigabytes of sensitive data from his employer. According to prosecutors, in January they sent a ransom memo to the company claiming 50 Bitcoins (equivalent to about $ 1.9 million) under the guise of an anonymous hacker, returning stolen data, and vulnerable to security in the company’s system. Clarified.

According to the prosecution, when the company refused, Sharp released some of the stolen information.

In March, Sharp, disguised as an anonymous whistleblower, falsely told the press that the data had been stolen by an unidentified hacker, according to the indictment. After several news articles about the breach were published, Ubiquity’s stock fell by about 20%, clearing its market capitalization of about $ 4 billion.

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Former Ubiquity employee charged with hacking and blackmail

Source link Former Ubiquity employee charged with hacking and blackmail

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