Former Taiwanese Defense Minister investigates contact information for “Chinese spies”

Taiwanese officials are investigating former Deputy Defense Minister and several other military and veterans on Wednesday for contact with what the authorities believe to be Chinese spies.

Investigations are the highest level of suspected espionage across the sensitive Taiwan Strait in recent years, as Beijing increases pressure on the autonomous islands it claims to be its territory.

Taiwan-based online mirror media is a number of active and retired former defense ministers, former deputy defense minister Chang Chepin, who were investigated for contact with representatives of China’s Central Military Commission. He reported that he was the most senior police officer.

According to Miller Media, they were suspected of being in contact with representatives of a Hong Kong-based committee.

Two sources involved in security issues said Chan was under investigation. One source said Chan was among several being investigated by military and investigation agency security agencies.

One source involved in the security program said the people surveyed were suspected of being used in Beijing’s “intrusion efforts.”

Taiwan’s top Air Force general, Chan, did not respond to a request for comment, but issued a statement stating that Millermedia’s report was “tremendous” and harmed him and his army.

He did not say whether he was notified of the investigation, but said he would do everything possible to clarify the situation to the authorities if necessary.

“I’ve been a soldier for decades. I’ve always had the habit of keeping secrets and never talked about military issues without permission,” said Chan, who wasn’t detained.

“Enemy spy”
A Taiwanese defense ministry spokesman did not comment on the investigation, telling Reuters that the Chinese Communist Party’s “intelligence force” was trying to reach out to top generals “through an intermediary”, but none nationwide. Introduced the ministry’s statement. The secret was leaked.

The ministry said in a statement that it “actively strengthens anti-spy education” for soldiers and their families and “is effective in combating enemy espionage invasion and protecting national security.” ..

The Chinese Ministry of Defense did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

A Pentagon University spokesman said Chan’s position has not changed. He declined further comments.

According to Miller Media, a representative of the Hong Kong-based Central Military Commission of China visited Taiwan and had several meals with Chan. The representative also planned a trip to Hong Kong for Chan’s wife, it said.

Mr. Chan, who was Deputy Defense Minister until the end of June, said he had paid for his travel expenses and adhered to secret rules whenever he dine with soldiers and friends.

The investigation will be conducted at a delicate time in the relationship between Beijing and Taiwan.

Beijing has stepped up its influence campaign to shake public opinion on the island while its troops are invading Taiwan’s air defense identification zone and waters near the island.

China explained the mission needed to protect its sovereignty and deal with the “collusion” between Taipei and Washington.

The United States, which does not have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan like most countries, is wary of growing tensions with Beijing.

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Former Taiwanese Defense Minister investigates contact information for “Chinese spies”

Source link Former Taiwanese Defense Minister investigates contact information for “Chinese spies”

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